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The Vinyl Word

By Marcus Aurelius  /  Contributing reporter

One plus one equals three for DJ Colour Wolf, who holds his last Taipei gig tomorrow night before leaving Taiwan for good.

Photo Courtesy of Kyle Merriman

While new clubs are finally popping up around Taichung, it seems that an exodus is starting in the foreign DJ community. The wild and wacky Colour Wolf (James Jones on his birth certificate) will be leaving for the greener pastures of Canada and Australia in three weeks. Tequilaface 7 at Revolver tomorrow night will be the last time to catch his tunes and check out his zany shenanigans in Taipei.

Wolf credited his desire to get behind the ones and twos on one half of the Swank party crew in Taichung. “My friend Gareth Jones, who used to DJ under the name ‘Gareth Jones,’ really encouraged me to start,” Wolf said in an email interview with the Taipei Times. “He gave me a lot of encouragement to pursue deejaying. I just wish he would have given me a little more practice before my first gig.”

Another friend helped Wolf come up with his DJ moniker. “One day photographer Kyle Merriman told me about the Chinese expression color wolf (色狼),” he said. “Since I always wore neon clothing and enjoyed acting like a wolf at beach parties, it all just seemed to add up. You plus one equals three.”

While Wolf started getting a reputation for playing choice disco house around the island, he was also known for stripping down to his tighty-whiteys when he manned the decks. “The first time I took off my clothes while playing was at Spring Scream 2010,” Wolf said. “People responded very well to it then.Two years later and everybody but my sister still seems to enjoy it.”

Pressed about how far he has gone to give the crowd a good time, Wolf said, “I have never been full monty at a show. I think that would classify me as an adult performer and would make me subject to different tax laws.”

Looking back at his time in Taichung, Wolf reminisced about his favorite shows that he has been involved in. “It feels like there have been dozens of super sweet gigs I played like Spring Scream 2010, last summer’s Havana pool party finale and even last Saturday’s Red Devil Disco at 18TC,” Wolf said. “However I will always remember Halloween 2010 at 89K because it was my birthday so I dressed up like Freddy Mercury and played Queen songs all night. I also carried around a half microphone stand and jumped off the speakers a bunch of times. It was sweet because all my friends were there and everybody was really drunk.”

Overall, Wolf believes that Taiwan has taught him many valuable lessons about life. “I was so young when I moved to Taiwan that I almost feel like I’ve grown up here,” Wolf said. “I’ve learned that people really enjoy partial nudity and that you can seriously hurt your arm if you fist pump too much or too hard.”

Tequilaface 7 with Colour Wolf, DJ Subtle, Robi Roka, and Dr. Reniculous Lipz & The Skalluynz (白悟空) is tomorrow night at Revolver from 11pm to 5am, 1-2, Roosevelt Rd, Sec 1, Taipei City (台北市羅斯福路一段1-2號). Admission is NT$300, which includes a drink.

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