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Elton John on Elton John

The tantrums and tiaras are a thing of the past for singer. These days it’s all about reading his son a bedtime story and championing the pop superstars of tomorrow

By Alexis Petridis  /  The Guardian, London

Today, he’s in such great good humor that he’s even tempered his views about some of his bugbears: there is no sign of his supposed feud with Madonna, while he’s even relatively equivocal about the deleterious influence of Simon Cowell’s TV empire. Actually, what he says is that a singer appearing on The X Factor is on “a road to ruin,” later adding, “in my day, we had Seaside Special, which was shit, but it wasn’t as shit as Britain’s Got Talent,” but given that last time an interviewer canvassed his opinions on the subject, he suggested, “I’d rather have my cock bitten off by an Alsatian than watch The X Factor,” this very much represents a new softly-softly approach.

Anyone searching for reasons for his good mood doesn’t have far to look. One will later come running through the dressing room clad only in a nappy, offering some fairly vocal resistance to the notion of having a bath: his and Furnish’s son Zachary, born to a surrogate mother on Dec. 25, 2010 and cheerfully described by his father as “a little sod.” I’d had word that John wasn’t keen on discussing fatherhood with journalists, but I’ve barely sat down before he’s explaining his childcare arrangements — perhaps uniquely in the world of rock ’n’ roll, John’s pre-gig preparations involve bathing an occasionally recalcitrant 15-month-old boy and reading him a bedtime story.

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