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Compiled by David Chen  /  Staff Reporter

Lin Chi-ling wants some love.

Photo: Taipei times

The troubled marriage saga involving senior TV entertainer Frankie Kao (高凌風) and his wife Chin Yu-chuang (金友莊) continues.

Pop stop readers will recall Chin’s much-publicized affair with divorced businessman Chang Chih-chien (張志堅), which prompted divorce rumors and speculation over Chin’s disenchantment with the 61-year-old Kao, who is nearly 20 years her senior and has a reputation for being an overbearing and chauvinistic husband.

After news of the affair broke, Kao announced that he would be leaving Chin but soon retracted the statement, indicating a reconciliation was in order. He then made an embarrassing media spectacle over his efforts to win back Chin’s heart, presenting her with a Mercedes Benz in the presence of reporters and declaring that he would be undergoing plastic surgery to improve his looks.

Earlier this week, however, divorce appeared imminent. The United Daily News reported on Tuesday that the two had already agreed to a divorce settlement in which Kao would pay Chin NT$2 million (US$66,000), in addition to NT$100,000 a month in child support over the next two years for the couple’s three children. The report, one of many tackling the same topic, cited a “close friend” of the couple who said that Chin had grown tired of Kao’s overbearing manner and bad temper, and “practically wasn’t allowed to have her own opinions.”

But on Wednesday, the divorce was dismissed as a baseless rumor.

Kao insisted to reporters that he, Chin and their family were “very happy.” Chin did the talk show circuit on Wednesday, telling her interviewers that the reports were “creating something from nothing.”

Speaking of which, the China Times is suggesting that supermodel/actress Lin Chi-ling (林志玲) might still be holding out for a past flame, actor Jerry Yan (言承旭).

Lin, who appeared on the Chinese talk show Feichangdao (非常道) to promote her new movie, Love on Credit (幸福額度), was asked by interviewer Qiu Wei (秋微) if she was in love. “There’s someone I like,” she answered without hesitation.

Lin also fielded questions submitted online by TV viewers, one of which prompted speculation over Yan. “If you were still in love with someone from a past relationship, would it be possible to start over?” the question went. “Yes, it’s possible,” Lin said.

Lin has long been rumored to be dating Scott Chiu (邱士楷), the son of a toilet magnate, but her answers to other questions made it clear (at least to the China Times) that he was out of the picture. “Will you marry into a rich and powerful family?” “No,” she answered.

“So you don’t care [about marrying someone wealthy]?” asked the interviewer. “I don’t care,” Lin said. “Not at all. I truly don’t care.”

Marriage is also not a big priority, Lin said. “I don’t want to get married yet, but I do want romantic love, I truly want romantic love.”

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