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Chang Yung-ta, YPhenomenon — Quadraphonic Ver. 2 (2011).

Photo Courtesy of DAC

The Digital Art Center (台北數位藝術中心) will open two new exhibitions this weekend of sound and video installation. In The Universe of Harmony (和諧世界), Yeh Ting-hao (葉廷皓) uses pure forms to ponder various artificial and natural topographies. Relative Perceptions (相對感度) presents three sound installations by Chang Yung-ta (張永達) that examine the relationship between sound and space. A talk attended by both artists will be held on Sunday beginning at 3pm.

■ Digital Art Center (台北數位藝術中心), 180 Fuhua Rd, Taipei City (台北市福華路180號), tel: (02) 7736-0708. Open Tuesdays to Sundays from 10am to 6pm

■ Opening reception for both exhibits on Saturday at 3pm. Until Sept. 11

What is the Republic of China? Liu Shih-fen (劉世芬) asks that question in Maxicard Project A — Ode to the Republic of China (Taiwan) (極限片計劃A — 中華民國頌), a series of digital prints overlaid with her illustrations based on emblems, postmarks and celebrations. The “ROCer,” if I dare use that term, says that she isn’t so much concerned with issues of identity and what it means to live in Taiwan, as much as she is with examining the memories of some of the country’s population.

■ IT Park Gallery (伊通公園), 41 Yitong St, Taipei City (台北市伊通街41號), tel: (02) 2507-7243. Open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 1pm to 10pm

■ Opening reception on Saturday at 3pm. Until Sept. 10

Wu Tung-lung’s (吳東龍) new series of paintings, collectively titled Quchi (屈尺), marks a turn away from the enigmatic patterns of his earlier abstract work. Though the muted coloring remains, this series shifts gears toward a more unambiguous geometric rendition of form.

■ Project Fulfill Art Space (就在藝術空間), 2, Alley 45, Ln 147, Xinyi Rd Sec 3, Taipei City (台北市信義路三段147巷45弄2號), tel: (02) 2707-6942. Open Tuesdays to Sundays from 1pm to 6pm

■ Opening reception on Saturday at 4pm. Until Sept. 25

Elemental Light (初光) is Tsai Char-wei’s (蔡佳葳) first solo exhibit in Taiwan, and Tina Keng Gallery is showing her most recent work along with works dating back to 2005. Tsai’s photographs, videos and multimedia installations contemplate the religious concept of “primordial light,” which the artist views as a basic source of goodness.

■ Tina Keng Gallery (大未來耿畫廊), 15, Ln 548, Ruiguang Rd, Taipei City (台北市瑞光路548巷15號), tel: (02) 2659-0798. Open Tuesdays to Sundays from 10am to 7pm

■ Opening reception on Saturday at 4:30pm. Until Sept. 11

Reading Tainan (讀:台南) is a series of vibrant paintings by Ariel Kuo (郭芃君) that examines the idea of place through a depiction of Tainan’s architecture. According to the press release, Kuo’s paintings try to express “not only a brief life experience or a travel anecdote, but also a profound connection with the local culture and an identification with a place.”

■ Fiction (小說), 3F, 69 Nanmen Rd, Greater Tainan (台南市南門路69號3樓), tel: (06) 221-1655. Open daily from noon to 11pm, closed on Wednesdays

■ Until Nov. 5

A Century of Resilient Tradition: Exhibition of the Republic of China’s Diplomatic Archives (百年傳承走出活路:中華民國外交史料特展) offers a cursory introduction through 88 objects, including treaties, maps, documents, charts and photographs, to the diplomacy of the ROC since its founding. The exhibition is organized into five sections: Lessons of History, Striving for Equality, Retrocession of Taiwan, Era of Resilience and Diplomatic Legacy.

■ National Palace Museum (國立故宮博物院), 221, Zhishan Rd Sec 2, Taipei City (台北市至善路二段221號), tel: (02) 8692-5588 X2312 (10:30am to 6:30pm). Open daily from 9am to 5pm. Admission: NT$250

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