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WHAT TO TAKE: All packed up and ready to Scream!



Spring Scream is a chance to meet friends from around the country and catch some of the best live music Taiwan has to offer, all in a beautiful outdoor location. It’s a breath of fresh air to get out of the city, but there isn’t a 7-Eleven or Sogo on every corner if you forget to bring something essential. A decade of attending the party has honed this list of what to bring:


► If camping, bring a tent, a blanket or light sleeping bag, and a sheet (or sarong). The campgrounds on site are on grass, which is quite soft.

► A pillowcase can be stuffed with clothes at night and used as a pillow.

► I strongly recommend earplugs, a blindfold and any other sleeping

aids you need to be able to wake up refreshed the next day for more dancing.


► For finding things in your tent, getting back at night from the stage area, and looking in your bag or reading on the overnight bus, a headlamp can’t be beat. Don’t

forget batteries.

Sun protection

► Sunglasses not only look cool, they also hide tired eyes — and prevent sun damage. Also bring sunscreen and a hat.


► A plastic bag with hotel or travel-sized shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant and wet wipes, and a second plastic bag for disposal, painkillers if you drink, any other medications.

► There are toilets, sinks, and showers at the campsite.


► A sarong is lighter than a towel and can double as a bed sheet, dress, skirt, kilt, scarf, mat to sit on, or shower cover-up. It can be hand-washed and will dry in a couple

of hours. Invaluable for anyone

who travels.

► Bring a swimsuit as the nearest hotel has a pool and there are many beaches.

► Leggings or tights are far lighter than jeans or trousers and are warm enough for the evenings.

► One pair of flip-flops and one pair of comfortable slip-on shoes or trainers for dancing, walking around the huge grassy venue, and traveling.

► A couple of light outfits, and a hoodie in case it gets cold at night.

► An empty plastic bag for dirty clothes.


► A camera and an extra battery and flash card.

► Cell phone and extra battery.

► A musical instrument if you play, even if you aren’t performing, for jamming.

► Your passport if you want to rent a scooter or hotel room.

► A small bag or holster to carry your valuables: Leaving a big purse

on the ground while you dance invites trouble, and a belt pack is for your dad.

► A good attitude a smile, and enough cash for food and drinks as there are no nearby ATMs.

From the horse’s mouth

► Spring Scream organizer Jimi Moe suggests bringing the following: a Frisbee or hula-hoop, and a cape or costume so you can participate more fully in the festival.


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