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Whether you’re a hip-hopper, a funk-soul brother or an offbeat EDM cat, this weekend’s gonna be a good one if you hit the right spots.

For starters, the HHHT (High Heels & Hi-Tops) crew is ready to kick off a tour with member Leo Shia (aka LEO37, the Canadian MC who’s known as a versatile musician, producer, lyricist and turntablist) back in town. Joining him in Taichung tomorrow are Marcus Aurelius and Edify at Light Lounge.

Taipei Times: How would you introduce HHHT?

LEO37: We’re the alternative. If you come to one of our nights, you’re gonna hear great songs that you’ve never heard before or haven’t heard in a long time. No DJ in HHHT is from the same place or the same age so we offer the unique ability to cover most genres spanning at least a half-dozen decades. If you like hip-hop, house, funk, soul, electro, breakbeat, dancehall, rock or any of those sub-genres in between, then this party’s for you.

TT: Did you find it hard to promote the gigs outside of Taipei?

LS: When it’s up to us to promote a show, it can be difficult. I learned that the hard way. HHHT has never really done a show outside of Taipei without a legitimate promoter but individually we all have and, well, we know better now. Regardless, though, those are bumps that you have to deal with when you’re grinding.

TT: What brought you back to Taiwan?

LS: My girl. Food. Weather. I’m also here working on my third album entitled Autumn, that’s due out this September on my label (PPF House). Look out for it.

TT: What’s new?

LS: I brought back my last project with Sunclef called Applause. You can check it out at

TT: How was your New Year’s Eve?

LS: Rowdy! I was part of Frog in a Sock’s “Last Minute” New Year’s party and it was a blast. I ended up being on the decks and mic for five hours or so and loved every minute of it.

HHHT can be seen tomorrow from 10pm to 5am at Light Lounge, 85 Huamei W St Sec 1, Taichung City

(台中市華美西街一段85號), admission is NT$300; Jan. 23 at 10pm at Brickyard, B1, 507, Jhongshan 2nd Rd, Cianjin Dist, Kaohsiung City (高雄市前金區中山二路507號B1), admission is NT$300; and Jan. 30 at 10pm at Seven, 7, Ln 63, Alley 53, Dunhua S Rd Sec 2, Taipei City (台北市敦化南路二段63巷53弄7號), admission is NT$100.

Meanwhile, Earworm’s new deep-house weekly “Music For Cats” is going down at Hook in Taipei starting tomorrow.

What’s the story?

“We found that most parties in Taipei were just one shots, and that the scene needed a more regular thing, for like-minded souls to be able to gather and hear new music every week,” BB from Earworm said.

“Also, we discovered during the last couple of years so many young and promising DJs who seldom have an opportunity to show their skills, so we [aim] to program three or four DJs every Saturday at this party.”

Also playing are Baptiste, Al Burro and Soundsquash.

Music For Cats happens every Saturday from 11pm to 5am at Hook, 1, Alley 7, Ln 205, Zhongxiao E Rd Sec 4, Taipei City (台北市大安區忠孝東路4段205巷7弄1號). Admission is $350.


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