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K. Lear by International Visual Theatre from France combines sign language, glances, gestures and spoken dialogue for its adaptation of Shakespeare’s King Lear. The show is part of the Taipei Arts Festival.

■ Metropolitan Hall (城市舞台), 25, Bade Rd Sec 3, Taipei City (台北市八德路三段25號)

■ Tonight and tomorrow at 8pm and Sunday at 2:30pm

■ Tickets are NT$450 to NT$1,500, available through NTCH ticketing or online at

Part of the Taipei Arts Festival, Macbeth — Who Is That Bloodied Man?, by Poland’s Teatr Biuro Podrozy, creates a nightmarish world using fire, stilts and motorbikes in its adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

■ No. 5, Beiping East Road Outdoor Theater (北平東路5號戶外劇場), 5 Beiping E Rd, Taipei City (台北市北平東路5號)

■ Tonight and tomorrow at 8pm

■ Tickets are NT$800, available through NTCH ticketing or online at

My Dear Next Door (隔壁親家), a Taiwanese musical and comedy, tells the story of two farming families embroiled in a long-running feud. Taiwan’s favorite comedians, Peng Chia-chia (澎恰恰) and Hsu Hsiao-shun (許效舜), play the family patriarchs.

■ National Theater, Taipei City

■ Tonight at 7:30pm, tomorrow and Sunday at 2:30pm and 7:30pm

■ Tickets are NT$500 to NT$3,000, available through NTCH ticketing or online at

One of Ping Fong Acting Troupe’s (屏風表演班) popular touring productions, Can Three Make It Part I (三人行不行I) is a comedy that tackles the absurdity and chaos of urban life with 18 characters played by three actors.

■ Novel Hall (新舞台), 3-1 Songshou Rd, Taipei City (台北市松壽路3-1號)

■ Tonight at 7:30pm and 10:30pm, tomorrow at 2:30pm, 7:30pm and 10:30pm and Sunday at 2:30pm and 7:30pm


By David Chen

Drummer Nbugu Kenyatta and his newly expanded band, the Kenyatta Quartet, appear at Roxy Roots tomorrow night to play their party-time mix of reggae, blues, funk and classic rock.

The New Orleans native’s latest band features guitar virtuoso Ray Anthony, who does a spot-on impersonation of Jimi Hendrix playing guitar with his teeth, local bassist Sannio and a new member, rhythm guitarist Hugo Bandi of Los Angeles.

Roxy Roots, which opened last month and is Taipei’s first club devoted to reggae and blues, is one of the latest ventures of Ling Wei (凌威), the owner of the Taipei’s long-standing chain of Roxy venues. [See story above.]

▲Live blues, rock and reggae music with the Kenyatta Quartet at Roxy Roots, 90 Songren Rd, Taipei City (台北市松仁路90號), Call (02) 2725-3932 or visit

▲Tomorrow at 10pm

▲Entrance is free

■ Tickets are NT$300 to NT$800, available through NTCH ticketing or online at

Billed as a return to the golden age of theater-based glove puppet performances, Wu Zhou Yuan Glove Puppet Theater Troupe’s (五洲園掌中劇團) Conquering All Under Heaven (爭霸天下系列布袋戲) is a series of 10 performances drawn from the troupe’s traditional repertoire that have been revised to cater to contemporary audiences.

■ Red House Theater (紅樓劇場), 10 Chengdu Rd, Taipei City (台北市成都路10號)

■ Tonight and tomorrow at 7:30pm and Sunday at 2:30pm

■ Tickets are NT$200 and NT$300, available through NTCH ticketing or online at

Classical music

Chicago Saxophone Quartet (芝加哥薩克斯風四重奏), established in 1968, begins a tour of the country tomorrow. The group, which has performed with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and toured around the world, will perform a program that includes Italian Concerto, BWV 971, (Allegro) by Johann Sebastian Bach (arr. Katsuki Tochio), Quartet for Saxophones by Russell Howland, Quartet for Saxophones by Pierre Max Dubois, Cafe 1930 From “Story of the Tango” by Astor Piazzolla (arr. Claude Voirpy) and other works.

■ Tomorrow (Jhongli), Sunday (Taipei), Monday (Taichung), Tuesday (Kaohsiung) and Wednesday (Chiayi) at 7:30pm

■ Jhongli Arts Center (中壢藝術館), 16 Jhongmei Rd, Jhongli City (中壢市中美路16號); National Concert Hall, Taipei City; Chunghsing Concert Hall, Taichung (台中中興堂), 291-3 Cingwu Rd, Taichung City (台中市精武路291之3號); Kaohsiung’s Chih-Teh Hall (高雄市文化中心至德堂), 67 Wufu 1st Rd, Kaohsiung City (高雄市五福一路67號); Chiayi Municipal Cultural Center (嘉義市文化中心音樂廳), 275 Jhongsiao Rd, Chiayi City (嘉義市忠孝路275號)

■ Tickets are NT$400 to NT$1,500 for Jhongli and Chiayi, NT$400 to NT$1,600 for Taichung and Kaohsiung and NT$400 to NT$2,000 for Taipei, available through ERA ticketing outlets or online at

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