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Get yer Log on

Outrageous one-man band Bob Log III headlines Urban Nomad Film Fest’s opening party tomorrow night

By David Chen  /  STAFF REPORTER


Punked-out blues, boob scotches and women bouncing on his knees while he plays guitar and drums at the same time — this is just another day in the life of Bob Log III.

The Tuscon, Arizona, native brings his rock ’n’ roll madness to Taipei tomorrow night for the Urban Nomad Film Fest’s opening party at Taipei’s Paris Night Club in Ximending.

Full of bizarre, hilarious and possibly fictitious tales and a sense of humor worthy of Spinal Tap, Log is both one-man band and vaudevillian spectacle.

He plays a salvaged 1950s electric guitar, a kick bass drum with one foot, and a cymbal and electronic drum machine with the other.

On stage, he wears a shiny, full-body “cannonball man” suit and motorcycle helmet with a darkened visor (you can’t see his face, but he says he can’t see the audience either). He sings through a telephone strapped to the front of his helmet.

“I’ve been singing through telephones since 1990,” he said in a mock serious tone on the phone from Melbourne, where he just finished a three-month tour that included stops in Europe.

“People say, dude, that’s so strange, singing through a telephone. Then they talk on a telephone all goddamn day. Look! We’re doing it right now, the telephone is perfect,” he said.

And so is his music, says Log. His latest album, My Shit Is Perfect, carries his vision of the best things about rock ’n’ roll: slide guitar, boobs and silly fun.

“I’ve got songs about absolutely nothing,” he said proudly. “My newest song — Bump Pow! Bump Bump Bump Pow! Bump Pow! Bump Bump Bump Baby! Bump Pow! Bump Bump Bump Pow! Bump Bump Bump — there’s no reason for that song. But when I play it, people jump around.”


WHAT: Bob Log III at the 2009 Urban Nomad Film Fest’s Opening Party; also appearing are My Skin Against Your Skin, The Deadly Vibes, Rock In Hose Burlesque and The Money Shot Horns

WHEN: Tomorrow night. Films starts at 7:30pm, music starts at 10pm

WHERE: Paris Night Club (夜巴黎舞廳), 5F, 89, Wuchang St Sec 2, Taipei City (台北市武昌街二段89號5樓)


ADMISSION: NT$700, NT$500 tickets available in advance at Mo!Relax, 20, Ln 60, Taishun St, Taipei City (台北市泰順街60巷20號); KGB, 5, Ln 114, Shida Rd, Taipei City (台北市師大路114巷5號); Bliss, 148, Xinyi Rd Sec 4, Taipei City (台北市信義路四段148號), Mei’s, 16, Ln 37, Yongkang St, Taipei City (台北市永康街37巷16號), Nanhai Gallery (南海藝廊), 3, Ln 19, Chongqing S Rd Sec 2, Taipei City (台北市重慶南路二段19巷3號), Mary Jane’s Pizza (台北市溫州街89號), 89 Wenzhou St, Taipei City

But Log’s ribald numbers get the most attention. Before playing Boob Scotch, he invites audience members to dip their breasts into his whiskey (or their neighbor’s drink).

For another show standard, I Want Your Shit on My Leg, Log calls on two audience members, usually female, to sit on each of his knees while he plays.

Judging from videos posted on YouTube, audiences in Australia, the UK and Japan have enthusiastically obliged.

However, fans generally draw the line at his song Clap Your Tits. “It’s a very rare thing when somebody actually claps their tits with me. But it’s happened,” he said.

The songs and antics might be over the top for some, but Log stresses that anything that happens is between consenting adults. “People that come to my shows are the people that would think that’s funny.”

Besides, he said, “it doesn’t have to be girl tits, if a guy wants to clap his tits, either against his own if they’re big giant fatman tits, great. Or if he claps against a friend, fine. As long as it’s boobs against boobs, you know the party level goes up a notch. That’s the whole point of that song.”

Talk to Log long enough, and it’s hard not to wonder if he hasn’t gotten carried away with his breast obsession. He says one of his weirdest gigs took place in Belgium, where he says a woman with three breasts came up on stage for Boob Scotch.

“And she’s presenting all three of them, like ‘which one do you want in your drink?’ And it’s like, the middle one of course! How can I not take the middle one?”

Log sounds a bit like Primus playing thrash metal with Tom Waits (who is reportedly a fan), and says he draws inspiration from Delta blues musicians like Mississippi Fred McDowell.

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