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[RESTAURANT REVIEW] Suzuhuji (鈴藤隱酒)


Heavenly sake doesn’t come cheap at Suzuhuji.


Tucked in an alley near the intersection of Renai Road (仁愛路) and Yanji Street (延吉街), Suzuhuji is a popular sake bar patronized by the kind of people who like to end the day by having a few drinks and late-night snacks with friends.

This intimate restaurant woos clients with more than 60 varieties of premium Japanese sake and an appetizing selection of Japanese-style brochettes.

The decor gives off a calming, Zen-minimalist vibe, while mellow Japanese pop and lounge music set the mood for a night of leisurely drinking and conversation.

Suzuhuji’s specialty is its fine selection of Japanese sake, but the grilled snacks are equally appealing. Recommended dishes include the cheese with seaweed sauce (海苔乳酪, NT$70) appetizer, and diced steak (骰子牛排, NT$320), tender and juicy boneless rib-eye seasoned with sea salt.

My dining partner particularly enjoyed the miso-flavored pork (味噌松阪豬, NT$190). With each bite, a smidgen of fat explodes in the mouth with a savory tang. The pork neck (豬肩頸肉, NT$80) has the same savory burst but with a crisp texture.

The other grilled items we tried, such as the chicken leg skewer (雞腿肉, NT$60), were equally yummy. A jar of barbecue sauce sitting next to the grill seemed to be the secret of the deliciousness.

Lighter options include the tomato and asparagus skewer (蕃茄蘆筍, NT$60), bacon with king oyster and mushrooms (培根杏鮑菇, NT$70) and the Ilan scallion skewer (宜蘭烤蔥, NT$50). The sake bar also offers a small menu of oden dishes. This stewed snack food is more than likely to satisfy the appetites of hungry patrons.

The highlight of a night at Suzuhuji undoubtedly is a journey through the sophisticated world of Japanese sake. On the sake menu, a brief introduction explains how each particular brew is made and what it tastes like. Knowledgeable staff are on hand to help diners navigate the long list of daiginjo sake, made from rice milled down to at least half of its original size before brewing, and ginjyo sake, in which 40 percent of the rice has been milled.

Suzuhuji (鈴藤隱酒)

Address: 15, Alley 2, Ln 345, Renai Rd Sec 4, Taipei City


Telephone: (02) 8771-8002

Open: From 5:30pm to 12am; closed on Sundays and the first Monday of each month

Average meal: NT$1,000

Details: Chinese menu; credit cards accepted; reservations needed

The bottles of sake come in sizes ranging from 300ml to two liters. Prices range from a few hundred to several thousand NT dollars.

Since a bottle of premium junmai, a daiginjo sake, can go for more than NT$7,000, diners are advised to stay sober when placing drink orders. 

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