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Gary Tsao knows his fan base.


The wave of police raids and accusations of drug use continued this past week with Little Pan-pan (小潘潘) holding a press conference to rebut a report in the United Daily News that her phone number was found on the mobile phone of an associate of alleged drug kingpin Wang Feng-yu (王豐裕).

"First, I don't use drugs," she said at the press conference. "Secondly, I don't know any of Wang Feng-yu's associates." As Little Pan-pan has a sterling reputation of discretion, Pop Stop fully accepts her explanation. Not.

Meanwhile, Suzanne Hsiao (蕭淑慎), Taiwan's answer to Amy Winehouse, gave an exclusive interview to the Apple Daily in which she denied having a drug problem. Her interview came in response to the recent discovery by police of 30.4g of cocaine and 2g of ketamine in her rented apartment.

"I'm not a druggie," she said in an article featuring images of her wrist complete with marks suggestive of suicide attempts. "I don't have an addiction. I just wanted to have fun on my birthday and didn't know I would get busted." Unsurprisingly, Hsiao vowed to stay on the straight and narrow. Curiously, there was no talk of entering a rehabilitation center, as she has to wait for public prosecutors to decide her fate.

In other drug-related news, Pei Lin (裴琳) might have bawled in front of the camera in an attempt to salvage her career after admitting to smoking pot, but she is getting kudos from the blogosphere for her portrayal of a lesbian in a music video, supposedly a first for Taiwan. In two scenes, the music video features Lin in a passionate embrace with singer Olivia Yan (閻韋伶), who just released an album called Silly Child (傻孩子).

Malaysian pop singer Gary Tsao (曹格) was reportedly "caught" in a gay bar. Again. Tsao seems to like hanging out at gay bars - mainly, it's rumored, because the gay community loves his sappy songs. But Pop Stop speculates that Tsao is frequenting gay bars to overcome his sorrow that the moderately talented Aska Yang (楊宗緯) does a better job of crooning his songs.

Finally, expect Ada Pan (潘慧如) to call a press conference in the next few days to bolster her reputation as a good girl. The recent issue of Next published an expose of the variety show hostess, going into details about her work as a hostess. Next added Pan to a list of starlets and models who allegedly hostess, including Little Dragon Girl (小龍女), who published a steamy nude picture book, and Taiwanese/Japanese porn star Hinano Miduki (觀月雛乃), who managed to win back her wayward boyfriend with a Chinese medicine potion that she said tightens the va-jay-jay. The list, incidentally, also includes Suzanne Hsiao - who lost her contract to Pan after her first drugs bust.

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