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Who doesn't fancy Wang Lee-hom?


Wang Lee-hom (王力宏) was said to have been tickled pink when told he was a gay man's wet dream. In a poll run by the Web site Club1069, Wang came out on top of the sausage jockeys, beating thespian Takashi Kaneshiro (金城武), Malaysian singer Prince Nicholas (張棟樑), actor Mike He (賀軍翔) and the crooner Edison Chan (陳冠希). The newly crowned Emperor of Tutti Frutti was said by Apple Daily to have worn a "proud little smile" before "thanking all gays for their support" and saying he was "honored."

"Homeboy" (as he is known to his friends) is in reality a closet womanizer and rumored to be dating Shu Qi (舒淇). The actress admitted this week in Hong Kong's Ming Pao Weekly she has a foul temper and throws her phone around when she doesn't get her own way. On the set of John Woo's (吳宇森) Blood Brothers, recently, she reportedly told the cinematographer who asked for a re-shoot: "That's not my problem. It's your problem."

Who's who in Taiwan? In addition to the usual politicians and scholars, the Encyclopedia of Taiwanese Famous People 2007 to 2008 (台灣名人百科2007-2008) has included more celebrities this year. Apparently, Lin "Ice Cream" Chi-ling (林志玲) is on her way out, as she has been concentrating on her movie career. Model Sonia Sui (隋棠) gets a mention because she's younger and prettier and is picking up more endorsements. The lying and crying Aska Yang (楊宗緯) and the partially talented Lin You-jia (林宥嘉), from the "reality show" One Million Stars (超級星光大道), were selected as "influential people."

Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) is not about to lose her status as a diva anytime soon. She's currently shooting a NT$50 million music video that will feature 10 different countries. The vixen has trimmed her hair and squeezed herself into a revealing black cat suit for the new look. Last year she was voted the "best fake breasts" by Chinese Web site Yam. In Pop Stop's opinion, Tsai's breast augmentation was a wise choice as without it she would look like a skinny bowling pin, all waist and a little head.

Another lady famous for her enhancements is Suzanne Hsiao (蕭淑慎), who's been lying low of late ... in a rehabilitation center. The singer earlier this year blamed cosmetic surgery for a drug test that showed she had taken cocaine and ketamine. Freed from Clucker's Row she's trying to get back on the celebrity circuit, but offers have been hard to find. Which is why, perhaps, she has agreed to take off her clothes for NT$800,000. The straight-to-DVD director Wong Jing (王晶) believes she has what it takes to be Taiwan's new sex goddess, according to Apple. She has agreed in principle (if you can call it that), as long as she doesn't have to reveal her four "exposure points" (露點), namely nipples, jade palace and drug hiding hole.

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