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Two halves make a whole

Regan Hofmann, the international HIV/AIDS activist and editor in chief of 'POZ' magazine, is in Taipei with her boyfriend Sean Foster to raise publicawareness of the disease

By Noah Buchan  /  STAFF REPORTER

"I don't have a choice. Part of this is people say I'm brave and selfless but in some ways I'm afraid and selfish,' she said.

Still, Hofmann has a choice to do something else and the fact that she is so actively involved has resulted in kudos from all sectors of society.

Marriage and children

Foster and Hofmann are considering taking the next step as their relationship evolved. When asked if they plan on marrying or having children, Hofmann says her main concern is the fact that she is already 40 years old. Foster sees the issue in a different light.

"Regan has an opportunity right now. She has a platform right now to make this effect, have this effect, with the magazine, so it's timing. It's a tough topic because we want to take advantage of all these things at the same time," he said

That the main struggle for Foster and Hofmann is, like for many people their age, the struggle of balancing home life and their career shows how far HIV/AIDS activism has changed the face of the disease over the past 25 years.

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