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This week's gossip rags are filled with love, lust and sex. Leading the news is the reunion of Carina Lau (劉嘉玲) and Tony Leung (梁朝偉) as the pair attended the 26th Hong Kong Film Awards on Sunday and made a public display of their mutual affection. To the untrained eye, holding hands may seem a trifling matter, but the move was interpreted by the Chinese-language press as a public announcement that the biggest crisis in the couple's 18-year relationship had been resolved.

Unless Taiwan tycoon Terry Gou (郭台銘) learns from the setback and stops courting stars in front of the media's glare, tabloid readers should expect to see more starlets linked to Gou sometime soon.

After Chairman Chou's (周董) fling with Hebe of the girl outfit S.H.E, local paparazzi have been foraging about to discover the Mando-pop king's new sweetheart. Chou was spotted taking 19-year-old TV commercial model Chiang Yu-chen (江語晨) on a classic date routine last Friday.

First it was a romantic dinner at a fine restaurant followed by a testosterone-fuelled display at a basketball court. After the game, Chou lost his paparazzi tail.

When questioned on the nature of their relationship, Chou and Chiang's agents reeled out the standard response, "they are just friends," which in showbiz terminology translates as "ya, they are getting it on."

On a cynical note, the 19-year-old could be garnering free publicity before shifting career and taking a crack at the fiercely competitive Mando-pop music scene. Coincidence? Maybe.

Nine months after their late-night rendezvous in a Yangmingshan (陽明山) parking lot, top model Shatina Chen (陳思璇) and married TV host and record company executive Bao Xiao-bo (包小柏) have been, reportedly, at it again. But this time, the pair retreated to a comfy shelter for their rumored affair: Bao's luxury flat in Neihu (內湖).


1. Stefanie Sun (孫燕姿) and Against the Light

(逆光) with 21.49% of sales

2. Sun Ho (何耀珊) and Embrace (擁抱)

with 18.06%

3. Rynn Lim (林宇中) and In the Rain

(淋雨中) with 10.17%

4. StyLe and self-titled ablum with 5.69%

5. Jin Sha (金莎) and Unbelievable (不可思議金選) with 2.54%

April 6 to April 12

The official line is the two were playing mahjong, which is slightly more believable than last year's, which was studying a script together in the pitch-black parking lot. Bao's wife is currently in Canada, and as the saying goes: when the cat's away, the mice will play.

Just when things seemed like they couldn't get any worse for TV host Hu Gua (胡瓜) and his family who are embroiled in drug busts and fraud charges, Taiwanese/Japanese porn star Hinano Miduki (觀月雛乃) publicly accused the fiance of Hu's daughter, Li Chin-liang (李晉良), on a TV variety show last week, of molesting her for the past two years.

The entertainer, however, failed to explain why she was spotted holding hands with her alleged molester last June, several months after the first incident is alleged to have occurred.

Who to believe? On one side is an infamous playboy reputed to have it away with any woman he can lay his mucky paws on and on the other is a publicity whore in the ilk of Hsu Chun-mei (許純美).

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