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Compiled by Jules Quartly  /  STAFF REPORTER

There are funny drunks and nasty drunks. Actor Tuo Tsung-hua (庹宗華) can now be filed under the former category after his shenanigans at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. According to an article in yesterday's Liberty Times (the Taipei Times' sister paper) the thespian who is best known for playing soldiers in movies like Yes, Sir (報告班長) started sousing himself in alcohol on a flight from Hong Kong. After touching down in Taiwan he got himself into a real pickle when his younger brother failed to greet him at the arrivals gate.

Fellow passengers and airport security were surprised to find the Golden Bell award winner repeatedly crying "Where are you?" and becoming increasingly agitated. Surveillance cameras show Tou weaving uncontrollably around the airport and saluting in a drunken fashion the security officers who detained him. Currently filming Ang Lee's (李安) new film Lust Caution (色戒), Tou was eventually taken home by his apologetic sibling. Since he was not disorderly on the plane and only made a fool of himself at the airport he faces no charges.

Tou's brother, the barfly and club owner Tuo Tsung-kang (庹宗康) was also in the news yesterday after appearing on a show with singer and TV host Little Pig (小豬), otherwise known as Alan Luo. Sparks were expected to fly as Little Pig's rumored girlfriend Selina, of the pop group SHE, had been quoted as saying she fancied Tou. Since Little Pig has been denying any hanky-panky with Selina, it would have been odd indeed for him to show any jealousy. Instead Little Pig demonstrated how easy it is to challenge paparazzi evidence of a relationship.

"My teacher told me that unless you are caught in bed you can deny anything," Little Pig told his TV audience. He then grabbed Tou by the hand and said if photographers caught him in a similar situation he would explain it away by claiming the girl had fallen and he was helping her up. As if we didn't know already.

Last weekend the most interesting event in celebrity land was the "Battle of the Moms" between TV host Little S (小S) and glamorous entertainer Janet Lee (李蒨蓉). The two appeared on the same stage for a milk powder company and were clearly pulling out all the stops to be crowned spiciest mom (辣媽). Though Lee wore a red dress that was slit to expose her breasts and Little S wore an ultra mini skirt, both insisted they were dressed conservatively. Lee got the upper hand, however, when Little S said she wanted a little boy but it was not easy to become pregnant. Lee responded that conceiving children was the easiest thing in the world for her. She said that even though she only had sex just before or after her period she still got pregnant twice. The Apple Daily quoted her saying, "A safe time of the month really is not safe" As if we didn't know already.

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