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In the attention-deficient pop world, stars may ride high on instant fame one day but wake up forgotten the next morning. Former Mando-pop queen Coco Lee (李玟) may well be a living testimony as Sony BMG doesn't seem to be putting much effort into promoting the star's latest Mandarin album Just Want You (要定你).

“Compared to other singers, my songs don't really get aired that often,” the 31-year-old star admitted to local press last week.

New trends may be the root of Lee's downfall. The sporty, tanned look is no longer in, replaced by the pouting, doll-face epitomized in the queen of cute Rainie Yang (楊丞琳). Also signed to Sony, the 22-year-old cutie has been getting a lot more love from the music giant.

On another note, the Chou-Hou-Tsai love-triangle is still the hottest gossip, especially after the most recent surprising turn.

According to an online fortune-telling site, Patty Hou (侯佩岑) was Jay Chou's (周杰倫) husband in a previous life, but an extramarital affair with a wealthy young lady — Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) — intervened. The lovers rode off into the sunset and the deserted wife ends her life heartbroken.

This is supposed to explain why the two women now have to pay their dues to Chou. And there is more bad news: The trio is stuck together for five more lives before the cycle of karma ends.

A couple years ago before the sudden rise of Lin Chih-ling (林志玲), local models were hardly integral parts of the celebrity circle. But nowadays they are running amok on gossip rags with their love affairs with pop idols and hunks in general.

While Patina Lin (林嘉綺) has been reported busy among three men, one of whom is her rumored German fiance, Yvonne Yao (姚采穎) was spotted having dinner with local actor Lan Cheng-long (藍正龍), Big S' (大S) ex, last week.

With more years of experience behind her, Lin has some advice for Yao. “I don't date guys in the show biz because if I did, I would have lots of cousins and it will be awkward to work with them,” the man-magnet said in the local press.

In pop terminology, a cousin is someone who has slept with the same guy or girl. And Pop Stop has to say that it is indeed a piece of good advice from a business-savvy lady.

Making starlets do the unthinkable has always been a popular if questionable tactic used by TV stations to boost ratings. From spiders, centipedes to human urine, unwilling participants are forced to have intakes of unwanted substances just to entertain.

However, the bat-eating incident on variety show Royal Women's College (皇家女子學院) has caused a stir and fueled speculation that it violates the Wildlife Conservation Law (野生動物保育法). Moreover, the show had embarrassingly low ratings, a real slap in the face for the producers.

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