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The end of men

Male fertility is in steep decline; there is nothing to fear though, as scientists have found that sperm can be grown from stem cells. But won't this make men redundant?

By William Leith  /  THE GUARDIAN , LONDON

Now, of course, things might be about to change. With cloning a definite possibility, might the gene that favors promiscuity — the shagger gene — gradually be phased out? Now, if the research develops, it will be possible to clone sperm from any kind of man.

Quiet, unassuming ones, for instance. The type who, when you invite them in for a coffee, just want the coffee.

“Would that be a bad thing?” I said, sipping my coffee. My friend shrugged.

Two guys, sitting in a cafe, talking about the future of sperm. We weren't too worried. We could handle it.

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