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The Vinyl Word

By Steve Price  /  STAFF REPORTER

Ant of Chifunk says there's a snitch on the loose.


It's official, spring is here. The Vernal Equinox which fell on Monday opened a new season of vinyl mayhem in Taiwan, and although dance music may be losing some of its former ebullience, this spring's lineup is the strongest yet.

Spring Scream, now in its 12th year, spawned many electronic off shoots. Pure Music festival (純淨音樂嘉年華派對) opens proceedings on March 31 in Kenting: But that's a week away and there's plenty of action before then -- read next week's Vinyl Word for the essential Spring Scream party lowdown.

New kid on the block Creamy had a grand opening on March 10. The club with two rooms rides the waves of both hip hop and dance music. Open every Friday, Creamy can be found at B1, 8, Keelung Rd, Sec 1 (台北市基隆路一段八號B1), call (02) 2762 9646 or visit for more information.

Down in Taichung, Bobo has suspended operations over problems with its license.

A post on the Revevolution Web site forum says there is a "mystery narc [who] has now struck over five times, reporting some of the best venues and parties in town to the police."

After coming under scrutiny from the boys in blue, last Friday's Swank party was moved to Liquid. Still, the cops turned up at 3am and turfed everyone out of the venue.

"Somebody has reported parties by MalFunktion, Chifunk and Swank to the police. It started last year," Ant of Chifunk said. "The police have told us they receive anonymous calls on Thursdays before big parties."

Could this be a worried parent, zealous citizen or ... ?

"We're pretty sure [we know] who is calling the police. We think it's a competitor: Who else would it be? Not many of the parties have licenses, so it's pretty easy for the cops to come in and do what they want," Ant said.

In Taipei the nightlife scene has matured with big name DJs and big, legal clubs: Outside of the capital the environment for dance music events is less refined.

"In Taipei the dance music scene has become more legitimized and has respectability," Saucey said. "There's more acceptance of parties, it's a viable business, big money."

The competition over punters in Taichung is fierce as organizers are trying to put on "big parties without big crowds," Ant said.

This weekend there's a lot to keep the police busy with, but organizers are being careful with licensing and are keen not to scare away partygoers.

Tonight in Taichung, the MalFunktion and Junkie Beats Crew plus the Dive Cafe are throwing a Beat Sessions 2 at Trendy with Marcus Aurelius, Vdub, Subtle, Zeon, Funkstar, Chin, and FatDirty.

Tomorrow, at the Wish Dance Club in Chiayi, an eclectic mix of house, electro, hip hop, and reggae is being rolled out for punters at the Go2Chaiyi bash. Declan, D'Jones, Matty D, Kriz, Gavin Chen, Vdub and LazyDaze are laying on the tunes at Wish, which is a licensed two-room dance club with indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

Chifunk is going Live and Wired tomorrow night at the Grooveyard with three turntable DJ sets, scratches, samples and experimental live jams.

Back in the capital, the United Nations of Funk is taking over Deluxe bar tomorrow. Jr and Megan, Saucey and Coffey will join K Fancy and Junior Van den Berg, who are bowing out gracefully and heading overseas, on the wheels of steel.

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