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Dance master Lin Huai-min (林懷民) will bring his latest trilogy White X3 (X3) to the stage of the National Theater (國家戲劇院) from April 22 to April 30. Lin's dance piece will be presented with Beautiful Island (美麗島), a collaborative work between Aboriginal choreographer Bu La Rui Yang (布拉瑞揚) and singing legend Kimbo Hu (胡德夫). For more information about the performances, visit Tickets cost between NT$400 to NT$2,000, available through NTCH ticket outlets or at


Magic Dance -- Irish Tap Dance (魔力之舞 -- 愛爾蘭踢踏舞劇). Taipei International Convention Center (台北國際會議中心), 1, Xinyi Rd, Sec 5, Taipei (台北市信義路五段1號) tonight and tomorrow; National Chiang Kai-shek Cultural Center, Kaohsiung City (高雄中正文化中心), 67, Wufu 1st Rd, Kaohsiung City (高雄市五福一路67號) on Sunday.

● Tickets NT$400 to NT$3,000 for Taipei; NT$400 to NT$2,400 for Kaohsiung, through ERA ticketing.

● Tonight and Sunday at 7:30pm; tomorrow at 7:30pm

House of Flying Daggers (十面埋伏), a Chinese musical on the love between Princess Yu (虞姬) and the ruler of the Chu kingdom Xiang Yu (項羽). Metropolitan Hall (城市舞台), 25 Bade Rd, Sec 3, Taipei (台北市八德路三段25號).

● Tickets NT$200 to NT$1,200, through NTCH.

● Tonight and Sunday at 7:30pm; tomorrow at 2:30pm and 7:30pm

Maze -- A Mega Fantasy Children Show (迷宮 -- 大型魔幻兒童劇), a theatrical Chinese version of Harry Potter. Family Theater (台北市立親子劇場), 2F, 1, Shifu Rd, Taipei (台北市市府路1號2樓).

●Tickets NT$600 to NT$2,000, through NTCH.

●Tonight at 7:30pm; tomorrow and Sunday at 2:30pm and 7:30pm

The Hero Lost (英雄密碼) by M.O.V.E. Theater Group, as part of the 2006 International Theater Festival. National Experimental Theater (國家實驗劇場).

●Tickets NT$500, through NTCH.

●Tonight, tomorrow at 7:30pm, Sunday at 2:30pm.

Human Condition II -- Those Men in Her Life (她與她生命中的男人), a theatrical performance written and directed by Taiwan director Wu Nien-Jen (吳念真). Taichung Zhongshan Hall (台中市中山堂), 98, Hsuehshi Rd, Taichung City (台中市學士路98號).

●Tickets NT$350 to NT$1,600, through ERA ticketing.

●Tomorrow at 2:30pm and 7:30pm

The Legend of the Island (島嶼神話), a modern dance piece by the Lan Yang Dance Company. Hsinchu Municipal Auditorium (新竹市立演藝廳), 17, Tungta Rd, Sec 2, Hsinchu City (新竹市東大路二段17號).

Taike Rock Carnival (台客搖滾嘉年華) will take a troupe of taike performers including MC Hotdog, May Day, Bobby Chen and Wu Bai to the heart of the country for a "riot" on April 1 and April 2. The two-day event will take place at the intersection of Huilai Rd (惠來路) and Shizheng North 2nd Rd (市政北二路) in Taichung city, a future home to the Taichung National Concert Hall (台中國家音樂廳). Tickets are NT499 for the day, available through 7-Eleven convience stores near you or online at

●Tickets NT$300 to NT$800, through ERA ticketing.

●Tomorrow at 7:30pm

Dance Shoe III (點子鞋系列III) by Kaohsiung City Ballet. Crown Art Center Theater (皇冠小劇場), B1, 50, Ln 120, Dunhua N Rd, Taipei (台北市敦化北路120巷50號B1).

●Tickets NT$400, through NTCH

●Tomorrow at 2:30pm and 7:30pm

Andrew Lloyd Webber -- Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor (安德魯洛依韋伯 -- 約瑟夫的神奇彩衣), a musical by Taipei Philharmonic Children's Choir and Taipei Philharmonic Theater.

●Tickets NT$300 to NT$1,200, through NTCH.

●Tomorrow at 3pm and 7:30pm; Sunday at 1:30pm and 4:30pm.

Weekend Tea: Taiwan's Spring Operatic Troupe (假日茶館 -- 台灣春風歌劇團), featuring several Taiwanese opera pieces. Red Playhouse (紅樓劇場), 10, Chengdu Rd, Taipei (台北市成都路10號).

●Tickets NT$150. Call (02) 2311 9380.

●Sunday at 2:30pm


Shin-Ichi Fukuda Guitar Recital (福田進 -- 吉他獨奏會) featuring music from Piazzolla, Ichiro Nodaira, Giuliani among others. National Recital Hall (國家音樂廳).

●Tickets NT$360 to NT$600, through NTCH.

●Tonight at 7:30pm

NCO Elite Series -- The Feast of Pluck Music (NCO精緻系列 -- 英雄美人花月夜), with National Chinese Orchestra performing traditional Chinese music. National Recital Hall (國家演奏廳).

●Tickets NT$300 to NT$500, through NTCH.

●Tomorrow at 7:30pm

Hsu Chih-yun Oboe Recital (許芷芸雙簧管獨奏會), National Recital Hall(國家音樂廳) featuring music from Pasculliz, Bolling, Takashi Yoshimatsu among others. .

●Tickets NT$200 to NT$400, through ERA ticketing.

●Sunday at 7:30pm

2006 Canadian Symphonic Evenings (陳冠宇與謝建得之加拿大交響夜) with the Evergreen Symphony Orchestra and pianist Eric Chen, performing works by Liszt, Willan, Klein among others. National Concert Hall (國家演奏廳).

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