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Children Theater of Dance -- Pirouette (聖彼得堡兒童芭蕾舞團), performing sections of New Nutcracker, Tarantella, Fly Tsokothua and a lot more. Chungli Arts Center (中壢藝術館音樂廳), 16, Chungmei Rd, Chungli City (中壢市中美路16號) tonight; Auditorium at the National Tsing Hua University (國立清華大學大禮堂), 101, Kuangfu Rd, Sec 2, Hsinchu City (新竹市光復路二段101號) on Sunday.

● Tickets NT$400 to NT$1,200, through ERA ticketing.

● Both shows begin at 7:30pm

The Amazing Adventures of Bo Bo -- The Wishes of the Mermaid (波波歷險記 -- 人魚的願望), an imaginative play for children by Cloud Gate 2. Novel Hall (新舞台), 3-1 Sungshou Rd, Taipei (台北市松壽路3-1號).

● Tickets NT$400 to NT$1,000, through NTCH.

● Tonight at 7:30pm, tomorrow at 2:30pm and 7:30pm, Sunday at 11am and 3pm

Snow Queen (雪后與魔鏡) , a creative version of Andersen's story by Song Song Children's and Puppet Theater (九歌兒童劇團). Metropolitan Hall (城市舞台), 25 Bade Rd, Sec 3, Taipei (台北市八德路三段25號).

● Tickets NT$200 to NT$500, through ERA ticketing.

● Tonight, tomorrow and Sunday at 7:30pm

TTT Puppet Center -- Liao Tien-ding (大稻埕偶戲館 -- 廖添丁), a Taiwanese puppetry performance in Taiwanese. Taipei Culture Center, Wenshan Branch (台北市立社教館文山分館), 32, Jingwen St, Taipei (台北市景文街32號).

● Tickets NT$100 and NT$200, through NTCH.

● Tomorrow at 2:30pm and 7:30pm

Dreaming of Andersen (夢見安徒生). by IF Children Theater Company (如果兒童劇團). Tiana Municipal Cultural Center (台南市立文化中心), 332, Chunghua E Rd, Sec 3, Tainan City (台南市中華東路三段332號).

● Tickets NT$200 to NT$500, through NTCH.

● Tomorrow at 7:30pm


Yi Ji-xin Piano Recital (易繼心鋼琴獨奏會). featuring music by Bach, Liszt, Tchaikovsky and others. Forum Auditorium (十方樂集), 4, Ln 187, Mintzu W Rd, Taipei (台北市民族西路187巷4號).

● Tickets NT$250. Call (02) 2593 5811.

● Tonight at 7:30pm

Joyful Concert (魔法童話音樂會), featuring music from Dvorak, Verdi and Rimsky-Korsakov among others. National Recital Hall (國家演奏廳).

● Tickets NT$300 to NT$800, through ERA ticketing.

● Tonight at 7:30pm

University City -- Youthful Voices Rise in Song(大學城 -- 飛揚的青春演唱會) , featuring pop and folk music acts such as Oriental Express (東方快車) and Lin Long-xuan (林隆璇). Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall (國父紀念館), 505, Renai Rd, Sec 4, Taipei (台北市仁愛路四段505號).

● Tickets NT$800 to NT$2,500, through ERA ticketing.

● Tonight and tomorrow at 7:30pm

Whale: Chen Ming-chang Concert (陳明章演唱會), tonight. Zhu Wan-hua Folk Songs (朱萬花民歌演唱會) on Sunday. Red Playhouse (紅樓劇場), 10, Chengdu Rd, Taipei (台北市成都路10號)

● Tickets NT$600 and NT$800 tonight; free admission on Sunday

●Tonight at 8pm, Sunday at 2:30pm

Homeland Famous Music of Taiwan and Japan(故鄉台日夢幻名曲音樂會), with the Homeland Chamber Ensemble. National Concert Hall (國家音樂廳), playing some middle-of-the-road classics.

● Tickets NT$400 to NT$1,500, through NTCH.

●Tomorrow at 7:30pm

Psychon of Amadeus -- Huang Xing-ying Piano Concert (阿瑪迪斯的心靈粒子 -- 黃星瑩鋼琴獨奏會). performing works by Mozart. National Recital Hall (國家演奏廳).

● Tickets NT$300 to NT$800, through ERA ticketing.

●Sunday at 7:30pm

Woodwinds Quintet (木管五重奏). Metropolitan Hall (城市舞台), 25, Bade Rd, Sec 3, Taipei (台北市八德路三段25號).

● Free admission. Call (02) 2738 9859.

●Sunday at 2:30pm

Ye Yi-jing Piano Recital (葉奕菁鋼琴獨奏會). featuring music from Scarlatti, Beethoven and Granados. Bach Hall (台北巴赫廳), B1, 53, Minquan W Rd, Taipei (台北市民權西路53號B1).

● Free admission. Call (02) 2585 0866.

●Sunday at 7:30pm

Chen Xi Violin Recital(陳曦小提琴獨奏會), National Concert Hall (國家音樂廳).

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