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★ An adaptation of Jonathan Larson's Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning rock opera, Rent, which tells the story of one year in the life of a group of bohemians struggling in New York, at the Taipei International Conference Center (台北國際會議中心) from Feb. 7 through Feb. 12. Tickets cost from NT$1,000 to NT$6,000 and are available from ERA Ticketing outlets nationwide.


Children Theater of Dance -- Pirouette (聖彼得堡兒童芭蕾舞團) performing pieces of New Nutcracker, Tarantella, Fly Tsokothua and a lot more. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall (國父紀念館), 2F, 505, Renai Rd, Sec 4, Taipei (台北市仁愛路四段505號2樓) this weekend. Cultural Center of Hualien County (花蓮縣立文化中心), 6, Wenfu Rd, Hualien City (花蓮市文復路6號) on Jan. 18.

● Tickets NT$600 to NT$1,500 for Taipei; NT$400 to NT$1,200 for Hualien, through ERA ticketing.

● Tonight and Jan. 18 at 7:30pm; tomorrow at 2:30pm and 7:30pm; Sunday at 2:30pm

The Cross-Talk Performance by Wu Jan-nan and His Apprentices (天下吳男事 -- 2006吳兆南師徒聯展), featuring the Chinese stand-up comedian Wu jan-nan, Hou Guan-qun (侯冠群), Lang Zu-yun (郎祖筠) and others. Novel Hall (新舞台), 3-1 Sungshou Rd, Taipei (台北市松壽路3-1號).

● Tickets NT$400 to NT$1,200, through NTCH.

● Tonight at 7:30pm; tomorrow at 2:30pm and 7:30pm; Sunday at 2:30pm

Snow Queen (雪后與魔鏡), by Song Song Song Children's and Puppet Theater (九歌兒童劇團). Metropolitan Hall (城市舞台), 25, Bade Rd, Sec 3, Taipei (台北市八德路三段25號).

● Tickets NT$200 to NT$300.

Call (02) 2738 9859.

● Tonight, tomorrow and Sunday at 7:30pm

A Story of an Acrobatic Family (家族競技場). Red Playhouse (紅樓劇場), 10, Chengdu Rd, Taipei (台北市成都路10號).

● Tickets NT$500, through NTCH.

● Tonight at 7:30pm; tomorrow at 2:30pm and 7:30pm; Sunday at 2:30pm

Showcasing Forbidden Plays (禁戲匯演) featuring Peking opera performances that were previously banned. Taipei Zhongshan Hall(台北市中山堂), 98 Yenping S Rd, Taipei (台北市延平南路98號).

● Tickets NT$300 to NT$1,000, through ERA ticketing.

● Tonight and tomorrow at 7:30pm; Sunday at 2:30pm

Legend of the Knight (騎士傳說), the first Children's Irish tap dance production in Taiwan. National Chiang Kai-shek Cultural Center, Kaohsiung City (高雄中正文化中心), 67, Wufu 1st Rd, Kaohsiung City (高雄市五福一路67號).

● Tickets NT$400 to NT$1,600, through ERA ticketing.

● Tomorrow at 7:30pm

Sin (罪) by Shiu-Kim Taiwanese Opera Troupe (秀琴歌劇團). Performing Art Hall at Cultural Affairs Bureau of Taipei County (台北縣政府文化局演藝廳), 62, Zhuangjing Rd, Banqiao City, Taipei County (台北縣板橋市莊敬路62號).

● Tickets NT$200 to NT$800, through NTCH.

● Tomorrow at 7:30pm


Exquisite Folk Songs (經典世界名曲民謠), with Evergreen Symphony Orchestra performing music from Tchaikovsky, Smetana and others. National Concert Hall (國家音樂廳).

● Tickets NT$500 to NT$1,500, through ERA ticketing.

● Tonight at 7:30pm

Liu Shu-yuan Piano Recital (劉淑苑鋼琴音樂會), featuring music from Bach, Mozart, Ravel and others. Forum Auditorium (十方樂集), 4, Ln 187, Mintzu W Rd, Taipei (台北市民族西路187巷4號).

● Tickets NT$250. Call (02) 2593 5811.

● Tonight at 7:30pm

Ensemble -- Destin Musical 2006 (音緣樂集2006巡演 -- 德意志浪漫), featuring music from Beethoven, Brahms and others. National Recital Hall (國家演奏廳).

● Tickets NT$200 to NT$700, through ERA ticketing.

● Tonight at 7:30pm

Jazz Poetry Concert (爵士詩篇音樂會). Taipei Artist Village (台北國際藝術村), 7, Beiping E Rd, Taipei (台北市北平東路7號).

● Tickets NT$220. Call (02) 3393 7377.

● Tonight and tomorrow at 7:30pm

Fluctuation of Musical Tones (抑揚特出) by Chanson Chamber Music Band (香頌室內樂團). National Taiwan Arts Education Center(國立台灣藝術教育館), 47, Nanhai Rd, Taipei (台北市南海路47號).

● Free admission. Call (02) 2311 0574.

● Tomorrow at 7:30pm

Duo -- Vocal and Harpsichord (乘歌遐想), performing works by Handel, Giordani, Paisiello among others. National Recital Hall (國家演奏廳).

● Tickets NT$200 to NT$900, through NTCH.

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