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Anchor woman Chen Ya-lin firmly denies accusations of an affair with a married man.


The fifth Global Chinese Music Awards (全球華語歌曲排行榜) handed out its glittering accolades in Kuala Lumpur last Saturday. The event was organized by seven Chinese-speaking radio stations in Asian countries. Taiwanese pop star Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) and megastar Wang Lee-hom (王力宏) cleaned up. May Day (五月天) and F.I.R. (飛兒) shared the title of most popular band with Flower (花兒) from China. Slipping off his pedestal, Jay Chou (周杰倫) didn't do well at the gala walking away with an award as one of the best regional singers.

Chou has been hanging out in Venice recently as his film Initial D (頭文字D) was invited to the Venice International Film Festival. The Mando-pop king is pretty much a nobody in the eyes of the European media, but the big-headed hot shot vented his frustration on members of the Taiwanese paparazzi who had been tailing him. Explaining his outbursts, the star said, "I got a zit on my nose and didn't want them [the Taiwanese media] to take a shot of it."

Chou seems to be making more enemies than friends as Edison Chen (陳冠希), who co-stars in Initial D, ridiculed Chou's choice of outfit that he wore for the film's premiere at the Venice festival.

Chou was apparently very proud of the Chinese-style outfit he wore, thinking it was a grand gesture demonstrating his ethni-city. Upon hearing this, Chen told the Apple Daily (蘋果日報), "I am Chinese. I don't need to wear a Chinese costume to prove my ethnicity."

Jolin Tsai demonstrated she too could be fast and furious and was caught by photographers committing traffic violations six times within three hours on the eve of Typhoon Talim last week. Seemingly unfamiliar with universal traffic customs, she ran red lights, made illegal U-turns, and turned left and right, or stopped the car whenever and wherever she felt like it. The star said she regretted breaking the law, but didn't seem too bothered by the transgressions focusing instead on the less than flattering pictures the media had taken.

"I am pissed. I'm not as fat and ugly as in those pictures. I am really troubled by the photos, not by the traffic violations," Tsai was quoted as saying in the Great Daily News (大成報).

Anchor women have been at the center of several scandals, and SET-TV news chief editor/anchor Chen Ya-lin (陳雅琳) can add her name to the list after she was accused by the wife of news program director Liu Da-li (劉達立) of stealing her husband. Chen strongly denied the claims by saying Liu's wife was imagining things, after which she took 50 sleeping pills. And where is the man in this story? Liu has decided to shut his mouth and play the role of the supportive and caring husband for a while, at least.

The romance between Big S (大S) and Tsai Tsai (仔仔) of F4 surfaced when the Liberty Times (自由時報) reported that Big S recently left her promotion job in Guangzhou (廣州) and flew to Qingdao (青島) for a secret tryst with the F4 star, who had been working on a TV production there. The earth must have moved a great deal for the couple as the beauty queen cut off all contact with the outside world for five days and didn't show up for the TV show she hosts in Taiwan.

Local dancing queen Liu Zhen (劉真) has charmed a lingerie manufacturer into spending NT$2 million on a new commercial in which she will plug the company's body-shaping underwear. The company has hired Hong Kong director Stanley Kwan (關錦鵬) for the shoot. The pretty girl may have a good figure to show off, but asking the world-class director to shoot a TV commercial about a magic bra may be aiming too high.

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