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Wang Lee-hom sneaks off stage, trying to save one last shred of dignity.


The 16th Golden Melody Awards made many happy faces last Saturday with glittering stars holding up their newly secured best-something titles, waving and laughing out of sheer excitement on the stage. However, there is always something bound to go wrong at every big party, and this year's biggest embarrassment award would unanimously go to musician Wang Lee-hom (王力宏), who mistakenly went up to the stage for the honor of Best Male Mandarin Singer, which was in fact given to Stanley Huang (黃立行).

When an award presenter Karen Mok (莫文蔚) announced the winner, she accidentally mistook the name Huang Lee-xing for Wang Lee-xing. And the millions of viewers watching national television all shared a moment of terrible awkwardness when Wang jumped right up to the stage, making all the gestures people usually use to celebrate victory, only to to find that the real winner, Huang, stood right behind him, looked confused and didn't know what to do. Wang did the best thing he could do under such circumstance: He tried to sneak off stage with diginity while one of the presenters, Jay Chou (周杰倫), tried to draw people's attention away from the incident by hugging Huang in earnestness.

Mok felt terrible about the mistake she made and was too embarrassed to go to the party afterwards. Though the Hong Kong beauty is guilty as charged, "Huang" and "Wang" do have the same pronunciation in Cantonese.

Little S was the gossip rags' cover story again, this time with the news of her engagement to wed her 35-year-old boyfriend, Mike Hsu (許雅鈞), in June. Judging from the personal dossier of Hsu gathered at hand, the local media has reached the verdict that Hsu is a man with a very impressive background and great wealth. With a master's degree in architecture from Columbia University, Hsu has worked in the financial business and the stock market and just sold a huge beach house for tens of millions of US dollars in Santa Monica, California, according to (東森新聞報). The 26-year-old Little S denied the rumor that she wanted to get married soon for the unborn baby in her belly, but did express her hope to get pregnant sometimes this year.

Her sister, Big S, on the contrary, has been going through a rocky time lately. Big S and her sweetheart of four years, Lan Zheng-long (藍正龍), according to an anonymous mutual friend who spoke with the Apple Daily (蘋果日報), broke up one and half months ago, because ``Lan is [a] country boy from Ilan, and Big S is a typical Taipeier. They came from two very different places, and they are both strong-headed. That's why they have lots of arguments and fights.'' Lan and Big S both haven't made any comment on their break-up news so far.

Shocking news on pop diva Faye Wang (王菲) broke out last Friday in Beijing, when her agent reportedly said that the superstar will take an indefinite leave from show biz. The Great Daily News (大成報) tried to confirm with her agent. The agent, however, promised that Wang would only take one-year vacation to enjoy her personal life for a while. And she won't completely disappear from the public view; fans will see her in a couple of upcoming TV commercials while she's gone, the agent said.

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