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By Daivd Momphard  /  STAFF REPORTER

Light Sleeper Bed Set

Tis the season to make a list of all the cool toys you want Santa Claus to bring! And if you have to play Santa Claus yourself, here's our list of some of the year's cooler games, gadgets and gizmos for all the people on your list, naughty or nice.

Sony KLV-20WS2 Wireless LCD TV

For those who can't miss an episode of C.S.I., Sony offers a wireless TV that you can carry from room to room. Hang the laundry, make dinner then take a bath without missing any of the good parts. You can also surf the Internet with the screen's picture-in-a-picture and touch-screen technologies. Comes in 7-inch and 12-inch models that cost about US$1,000 and US$1,400, respectively. The only complaint from most early adapters is battery life; about 60 to 80 minutes before needing to recharge. Any less than that and you'll miss the climax of your show.

LG has just announced it's own wireless TV, a 15-inch model they say will have longer battery life. It looks impressive, but no word yet on how impressive the price will be.

Meade CaptureView Binoculars

Finally someone got smart and included a simple digital camera inside a pair of binoculars to capture all the action outdoors, in the arena or at live performances. Meade's CaptureView binoculars come with 8 x 42mm lenses and a 2-megapixel camera with a flip-up LCD screen. You can take up to 40 images at the highest resolution and capture video clips as well. An SD card slot allows you to add more memory. List price: US$80.


The Pyramid is a little desktop device that's becoming popular in Japan among those who can't live without TV. If you have an SD-enabled phone, simply put one of the SD cards in the Pyramid and program the device to record your favorite television program. Then stick the SD card back in your phone when it's done, and the next day during your commute to work you can watch the show on your phone's LCD screen and listen through the headphone.

Pyramat Sound


For a more enhanced viewing experience, get a Sound Lounger. What better way to enjoy computer gaming than laying on a 3-speaker sound system with a vibrating backrest and subwoofer positioned directly behind your head? It's compatible with all gaming consoles and any audio device -- TV, VCR, DVD or MP3 player. String up to eight loungers together and everyone in the room can get the most out of your media. Priced at US$145.

Ms. Pac Man/Galaga Arcade Game

This is video gaming old-school style -- 1981 to be exact. Like millions of other kids, I'd ride my bike to the local Pizza Hut and pump the Pac Man and Galaga machines full of quarters. I was more of a Galaga guy than a Pac Man fan -- the vibrating cone that doubled your fire power was mesmerizing. Pac Man was cool for the names of the ghosts: Inky, Blinky, Clyde and S.

Now you can have them both combined into one full-sized arcade game. The ultimate in nostalgia toys for only US$3,000, through Brookstone.


Mathmos, the same British company that invented the lava lamp way back in 1963, now introduces Airswitch, a lamp controlled by motion detection. Pass your hand horizontally though the air above the beaker-shaped lamp and Airswitch turns on or off. No big deal, you say? Raise or lower your hand vertically above the lamp and Airswitch will brighten or dim. Beam us up, Scottie! Currently only available in the UK.

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