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Fri, Nov 26, 2004 - Page 14 News List


By Max Woodworth  /  STAFF REPORTER

Ho Ru-yun returns from Japan to a domestic crisis.


Next Magazine (壹週刊) scored another direct hit last week when it captured Gary Wang (王敏錡), the husband of TV actress Ho Ru-yun (何茹芸), ducking into hour-rate motels twice in one day with two young ladies for business that was assumed to be unrelated to his real estate ventures. Sure enough, Wang wasn't meeting the women for Platonic discussion and when the magazine was released he high-tailed it to Japan, where his wife was, so that he could be the one to break the bad news to her instead of her picking up the magazine for some light reading on the flight home and finding herself staring at fuzzy shots of hubby Gary grinning ear-to-ear and patting a stranger on the


The sad tale of domestic dysfunction only got worse when all the other media in town decided they wanted a piece of the story as well and assembled at CKS International Airport on Monday to form a welcome committee for Ho upon her return from Japan. Shots of Ho, trying in vain to disappear behind sunglasses and a black trench coat and running from cameramen formed the backdrop to news stories, which climaxed in a dramatic tear-filled breakdown in the arrivals hall.

Ho had originally told her agent that she would answer the media's questions at the airport, but seemed to change her mind when she smarted at questions like: "So, how do you feel about your husband's philandering?" and "Is your marriage over?" When she avoided these questions, the press pack became agitated and an unnamed reporter, according to the Great Entertainment Daily (大成報), dropped a final bomb as Ho tried to leave: "We wouldn't be here for you. We're only here because your husband cheated on you." Ho then broke down in uncontrollable sobs and the cameras got the footage they'd come for.

Little S (S) is promising to give the cameras what they want at the Golden Bell Awards tonight, saying that she will wear as little as possible when she hosts the ceremony and will expose her cleavage and butt. In her words, she said she would be night's classiest "meat missile." Her distinguished attire will accentuate the NT$200 million worth of Cartier jewelry she'll have draped over her body during the course of the night. This could offset the traditionally gaudy outfits worn by her partner, Kevin Tsai (蔡康永), in hosting the event. Tsai likes to show up at events in radically altered suits, so that, for example, a third arm sticks out of his back, or a horse is leaping out of his top hat.

Mayday (五月天) has revived the spirit of Benny Hill in its newest video for the song Little Nurse (小護士) off the band's new album. In the video, the band is featured running across a field chased by about 100 shrieking nurses, who are hot on their tail. Watch for it on MTV in the coming weeks.

Actress Suzanne Hsiao (蕭淑慎) had a few sharp words for the media this week when it was reported that she had tried, once again, to commit suicide by swallowing fistfuls of sleeping pills. The report was based on a confessional posted to her personal Kimo Web site. Hsiao denied the reports and added that the downturn in her work and popularity was entirely due to Next Magazine. Her train wreck of a movie, West Side Girls (西門終極), released and quickly pulled from screens this month, had nothing to do with it.

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