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Facts and figures on the birds and the bees

By David Momphard  /  STAFF REPORTER

Taiwanese are very particular about what turns them on and what turns them off. While less than 20 percent like to be tied up or blindfolded, 48 percent said they like to watch pornographic videos with their partner -- 13 points higher than the global average (14 percent said they like to make their own videos). However, only 4 percent of Taiwanese enjoy spanking -- 15 points lower than the global average and tied with Slovakia as the lowest percentage of all nations polled.

Just 20 percent of Taiwanese claim to have had a one-night stand, 25 points behind the global average. 22 percent claimed to have engaged in phone, text-message or online sex. And 14 percent admitted to having paid for sex.

Twenty percent of Taiwanese claimed to own a vibrator, 7 points less than the global average.

Twenty percent of Taiwanese said that a toned body is the sexiest attribute, 17 percent like breasts or chests and 13 percent swoon for nice eyes. No one felt that wealth, hair color, or height are sexy attributes. In fact, only four countries in the world felt that wealth was a turn-on, Communist Chinese more than anyone. "To get rich is glorious!" Deng Xiaoping said -- and sexy, too.

Taiwanese think modeling is the sexiest profession at 36 percent, 15 points more than the global average. Airline flight attendants are also sexy according to 18 percent of respondents, twice the global average.

Taiwan agreed with the rest of the world last year that David Beckham was the sexiest man on the planet, but differed on who they thought was the sexiest woman. Jennifer Lopez took top honors globally, but Taiwanese far preferred Nicole Kidman and Britney Spears. This year's top honors globally went to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Thirty-five percent of respondents around the globe said they reach orgasm every time they have sex, men far more so than woman at 45 percent to 15 percent. For Taiwanese, the average is 24 percent -- fourth from the bottom of the chart, ahead of only Finns, Indians and the Chinese, who only climax a reported 19 percent of the time. No wonder, then, that Chinese keep switching partners and claim to have more notches in their bedposts than any other nationality: 19.3, nearly double the world average. Taiwanese own-up to an average of 6.9 partners.

The 2002 survey revealed attitudes not just about sex, but about friendship and loyalty as well. Nearly four in 10 people have fantasized about having sex with their best friend's partner -- 42 percent of men and 25 percent of women.

Globally, more than half of men said they would be willing to take a male contraceptive pill (59 percent). A chart-topping 81 percent of Brazilian men said they would be willing to take a pill, but only 64 percent of Brazilian woman would trust them to take it regularly.

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