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KingStone Bestsellers

1. Faith Conquers All (圓夢高手)

By Tai Cheng-chih (戴晨志)

This is a collection of inspirational essays depicting how successful people in different professions pursue their dreams.

2. A Girl Called Feeling (有個女孩叫Feeling)

By Hiyawu (藤井樹)

The story began six years ago when the boy accidentally met the cute girl at a cram school. He painstakingly courted her, but he found himself loved by another girl. How should he decide?

3. Cards on the Table (底牌)

By Agatha Christie

Translated by Sha Hui (沙輝)

One of Christie's best works about four detectives, four potential murderers, and one corpse. Shaitana invites four detectives and four people he suspects may have gotten away with murder. Later, when the guests prepare to leave, it is discovered that Shaitana has been fatally stabbed. Who's the murderer?

4. Murder on the Orient Express


By Agatha Christie, Translated by Chen Yao-kuang (陳堯光)

A remarkable set of characters are brought together for a journey on the Orient Express train as it travels from Istanbul to Paris. But who murdered the American passenger? How will Hercule Poirot, the dapper Belgian detective, unravel the mystery?

5. Goodbye, Kiulu (再見了可魯)

By Kengo Ishiguro (石黑謙吾) and Ryouhei Akimoto (秋元良平)

Translated by Lin Fang-erh (林芳兒)

This is the story of a guide dog for the blind, embellished with beautiful black-and-white photos. The book has sold close to a million copies in Japan.

6. The Bible of Reincarnation: Part I (葬書: )

By Carmelita Chao (趙慧娟)

A mystical novel from the Hong Kong-born teacher of meditation who spent much of her life in Taiwan and is now based in the San Francisco area.

7. A Guide to Happiness (早知道早幸福)

By Wu Tan-ju (吳淡如)

What kind of happiness do you want? The famous essayist published her first account of her own marital love. This is the guide you will need in the quest for happiness.

8. Little S' Braces Diary (S牙套日記)

By Hsu Hsi-ti (徐熙娣)

This is a hotchpotch diary of cartoons sketches, photos and poetry from pop singer and TV host Hsu Hsi-ti (徐熙娣), also known as "Little S." The highlights are the conspicuous braces she wore for quite a while and her famous triangular love affair.

9. A Beautiful Mind: A Biography of John Forbes Nash, Jr., Winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, 1994 (美麗境界)

By Sylvia Nasar

Translated by Fu Shih-che (傅士哲), Hsieh Liang-yu (謝良瑜), Chuan Ying-yu (全映玉)

Written by economist and journalist Sylvia Nasar, this is a book about John Nash -- one of the world's most brilliant mathematicians. His most important work had been in game theory, which by the 1980s was underpinning a large part of economic practice.

10. Incontinence of Love (愛失禁)

By Jen Erh Hsiung (人二雄)

Another comic-essay book about love and relationships.

11. This is My Answer (這是我的答案)

By Hiyawu (藤井樹)

A romance about a young man falling in love with a young girl who asks him to do a questionaire in front of a certain Eslite bookstore.

12. Irish Coffee (愛爾蘭咖啡)

By Tsai Chi-heng (蔡智恆)

Short- and medium-length romantic stories initially published on-line.

13. My Mother's Golden Watch


By Chi-chun (琦君)

This is a collection of essays about the author's memories of her childhood and the time she shared with her mother.

14. Dream-catcher (捕夢網)

By Liu Yung (劉墉)

A collection of 54 very short essays and stories from the maestro of inspirational writings. This one covers inspiration you can find in religion, plants, animals and love, among other things.

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