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Movie: The Time Machine 時光機器


Guy Pearce stars in the latest film adaptation of H.G. Wells' The Time Machine.


Rated G, directed by Simon Wells, with Guy Pearce (Professor Alexander Hartdegen), Samantha Mumba (Mara), Jeremy Irons (Uber Morlock), running time: 96 minutes.

Director Simon Wells is the great grandson of H.G. Wells, who wrote the book from which this film was adapted. Hollywood has a long history of butchering famous novels, but this is the first time in memory where the butchering was done by a family member. H.G. Well's Time Traveler is now named Alexander Hartdegen. We learn that he loses the woman he loves and, out of despair, travels to the future where he meets another woman of the Eloi race. The Eloi are threatened by the Morlocks, who find the Eloi to be quite tasty. This prompts our hero to find the leader of the Morlocks, but he is taken prisoner. Can Hartdegen escape in time to save the Eloi? What about his newfound love? What does all this have to do with H.G. Wells' original story?

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