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Movie: The Majestic 忘了我是誰


Martin Landau, left, Jim Carrey and Laurie Holden star in The Majetic.


Rated G, directed by Frank Durabont, with Jim Carrey (Peter Appleton, Luke Trimble), Martin Landau (Harry Trimble), Laurie Holden (Adele Stanton), Allen Garfield (Leo Kubelsky), Amanda Detmer, (Sandra Sinclair), running time: 152 minutes.

Peter Appleton is a 1950s Hollywood screenwriter with everything going for him; he's signed to a famous movie studio, his first feature film script is premiering in a couple of weeks, and he's dating stunning actress Sandra Sinclair. When it's discovered during the height of McCarthyism that he attended a Communist Party meeting during college, the studio cancels his contract and postpones his movie. Wallowing in self pity and on a drinking binge, a drunk driving incident sends him headlong off a river bridge and knocks him unconscious. Waking up with amnesia in a small town hospital, he's mistaken for Luke Trimble, a local boy who the whole town thought had died in the war in Europe. Life for the returned war hero is peachy, but when Peter's memory returns, so do his troubles.

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