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Movie: Being John Malkovich 變腦


Rated PG, directed by Spike Jonze, with John Cusack (Craig Schwartz), Cameron Diaz (Lotte Schwartz), Catherine Keener (Maxine), John Malkovich (John Horatio Malkovich), Orson Bean (Dr. Lester), running time: 112 minutes.

Craig, an unemployed pupeteer, is forced to find himself a regular job. His fast hands land him work as a file clerk on the dwarf-sized 7 1/2 floor of the Mertin-Flemmer building. Cramped as the space is, he barely notices as he soon finds a secret tunnel that leads behind the eyes of none other than actor John Malkovich. A pupeteer's dream come true, Craig quickly grows addicted to being John Malkovich and gets his wife, Lotte and sexy co-worker Maxine addicted as well. Soon they start marketing the venture to anyone who dares to ``be all that someone else can be.'' If all this sounds a bit surreal, that's because it is. Writer Charlie Kaufman deserves credit for a script that goes where no one thought to go before and to director Spike Jonze. This tops even his Daft Punk talking dog video.

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