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Movie: Collateral Damage


Rated R, directed by Andrew Davis, with Arnold Schwarzenegger (Gordy Brewer), Elias Koteas (Brandt), Cliff Curtis (El Lobo), John Leguizamo (Felix), John Turturro (Armstrong), running time: 110 minutes.

Arnold Schwarzenegger plays Gordy Brewer, a firefighter and involved father to an adorable son. When his family is killed in a terrorist attack, however, Arny becomes the one-man army we've seen him in, well, most all his movies. A Colombian man named ``El Lobo'' takes responsibility for the attack and Gordy becomes a vigilante scouring Colombia's coca fields for his prey. As easy as it is to see Collateral Damage as a perfect example of Hollywood capitalizing on recent tragedy, it's simply not the case. David Griffiths and Peter Griffiths have managed to be more prognosticators than screenwriters; their script had already been shot and the film nearly ready for theaters before the events of Sept. 11. The film's release was wisely postponed for a day when nerves were less raw.

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