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Movie Guide: Evolution 〈進化特區〉


Believe it or not, this group of gawking losers are charged with saving earth from aliens in Evolution.


Rated PG-13, directed by Ivan Reitman, with: David Duchovny (Ira), Julianne Moore (Allison), Orlando Jones (Harry), Seann William Scott (Wayne) and Ted Levine (Dr. Woodman), running time: 103 minutes.

Haven't we been here before? A meteor crashes to earth with lifeforms that could potentially eliminate humankind and a pair of scientists -- among them David Duchovny of X-Files fame -- who harbor deep suspicions about the government's intentions take it upon themselves to handle the situation. Sounds familiar, but Evolution is actually a comedy and the sense of deja vu is quickly dispelled by the hilarious role played by Orlando Jones. The amoebas on the meteor are evolving at breath-taking speed, which prompts the authorities to take over the research and containment of the threat, but through their bungling, Jones and Duchovny and a truckload of Head and Shoulders shampoo are forced to save the day. Along the way are some predictable references to the X-Files and one scene in which an alien must be extracted from Jones' body through the back door, so to speak. The humor is base and Julianne Moore's fumbling rather silly, but the lines are well-delivered and the story delightfully quirky.

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