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Movie Guide: Artificial Intelligence


Director Steven Spielberg talks with Haley Joel Osment, who plays a child robot searching for love in A.I.


Rated PG-13, directed by Steven Spielberg, with Haley Joel Osment (David), Jude Law (Gigolo Joe), William Hurt (Professor Hobby), Jack Angel (voice of Teddy), Robin Williams (voice of Dr Know) and Ben Kingsley (narrator), running time: 140 minutes.

In this meditation on man's future life in a world in which robots are so nearly human that they are the subjects of discrimination and cruelty, Steven Spielberg raises many profound questions, which in no way mitigates the ordeal to which he subjects his audience. The focus is the character of David, a child robot who has been made self-aware and hardwired to long for mom. Rejected in favor of a real child, David becomes a latter-day Pinnochio, and goes in search of the Blue Fairy who will make him "real," and therefore deserving of his mother's love. During this journey he meets a number of interesting characters, and becomes a repository of all that is truly human.

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