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Taiwan's Chinese-language Bestsellers

1. Harry Potter II (哈利波特 II)

By J.K. Rowling (Translated by Peng Chien-wen)

The long summer vacation has finally ended and Harry Potter can't wait to go back to magic school. But a string of strange and terrifying things begin to happen, and Harry must find the culprit behind them.

2. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (哈利波特 -- 神秘的魔法)

By J.K. Rowling (Translated by Peng Chien-wen)

Mysterious letters lead the 11-year-old Harry Potter into a kingdom of sorcerers, who send their mail by owl messengers and travel on brooms.

3. Love Returns to the Beginning (愛回到最初)

By Kuang Yu (光禹)

A collection of 42 essays about love, dealing with real people and true stories.

4. A-kuei Doesn't Swear


By A-kuei (阿貴)

A-kuei still has a whole truckload of family members, busily transforming everyday situations into hilarious episodes. Take the book to a suitable place, settle down ... and get ready to rock the walls with your laughter!

5. The Human Nature You Have To Know (你不可不知道的人性)

By Liu Yung (劉墉)

The author reveals the dark side of human nature with stories that happened to the people around him. The book also looks at humanity's weakness from a constructive perspective.

6. Say It To Your Heart


By Liu Yung (劉墉)

A meditation by the maestro of inspirational books -- this time about speech and the right ways to express yourself.

7. Stray Bird (pocket edition) (漂鳥)

By Rabindranath Tagore

Another Chinese rendering of Tagore's classic poetry collection.

8. Ruse of the Empty City (空城計)

By Cheng Wen-chin (鄭文金)

A history of China's legendary minister Chu Ke-liang (諸葛亮) and his famous strategies against his enemies.

9. Irish Coffee 愛爾蘭咖啡

By Tsai Chi-heng (蔡智恆)

Short and medium-length works published on-line by ten Internet superstars, including popular young authors from China and Taiwan.

10. Find Your Own Happiness


By Chu Kai-lei (朱凱蕾)

Find the way to joy and happiness through the author's acute observations.

11. Aesop's Fables (pocket edition) (伊索寓言)

Another Chinese rendering of the eternal Aesop.

12. Shape Your Wisdom With Humor (用幽默雕塑智慧)

By Lai Shu-hui (賴淑惠)

Laugh, and the world laughs with you; weep, and you weep alone. This book is a guide to spice up your life with humor.

13. The Very First Love (給最初的愛)

By Guang Yu (光禹)

The joys and travails of love, told through two diaries.

14. A Garden In My Heart


By Jimmy (幾米)

Another addition to Jimmy's popular series of cartoon sketches and literary musings.

15. Little Prince (pocket edition) (小王子)

By Antoine De Saint-Exupery (聖修伯里)

A pocket-sized book with both Chinese and English translations of the well-known story.

16. Life Is But an Amatory Idiocy: A Collection of Ancient Love Poems (人生自是有情癡:千古情詩選)

Ed. Hao Kuang-tsai (郝廣才)

A collection of love poems from around the world.

17. The Works of Shakespeare William Shakespeare

A selection of the works of the bard in Chinese translation.

18. The Master of Self-challenge (自我挑戰高手)

By Tai Chen-chi (戴晨志)

A self-made success shares his inspirational story.

19. The First Intimate Encounter (第一次的親密接觸)

By Tsai Chih-heng (蔡智恆)

Another addition to an increasingly common genre of love stories in modern society: an Internet romance.

20. The Joy Express Train


By Chang Man-chuan (張曼娟)

The famous author has started the Joy Express Train with her latest group of 50 short essays about love and happiness.

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