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Debunking the ‘Facebook Second Guessing Syndrome’

By Farhad Manjoo

Every few years, a strange affliction breaks out in Silicon Valley. The disease, Facebook Second Guessing Syndrome, has as its worst symptom an embarrassing tendency to predict an early peak for the fortunes of the world’s largest social network. To techies who laud Apple for itsFULL STORY

Latter-day Carnegies bestowing names on San Francisco hospitals

By Alison Vekshin

The hoodie-wearing billionaires who connected the world through Internet likes and vacation photos are getting the same rewards as the oil and steel moguls of yore: large buildings with their names on them. Witness the newly rechristened Priscilla and Mark Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital andFULL STORY

Taipei Watcher: Taiwan’s ‘heavenly dishes’2015-03-29

By Eddy Chang

What do fitness trainer Hero Tai (戴祖雄), TV show host Liang Che (亮哲), actors Yu Gao (高廷宇) and Sky Li (利晴天) and model Paul Hsu (許騰方) have in common? They are all good-looking men with hot bodies, of course. But they are also “dream dates”FULL STORY

Inventing the human form2015-03-29

By Alistair Smout

The nude sculptures of the ancient Greeks depict what they believed to be the perfect human form, and the results still dazzle and move us thousands of years on, as the British Museum’s latest exhibition demonstrates. Defining Beauty is a stunning array of sculptures and ceramicsFULL STORY

Nine percent and not too sweet2015-03-28

By Naomi Tajitsu

New Zealand’s cooler climate is giving its winemakers an edge as they seek to exploit growing global demand for lighter, premium wines, as rising temperatures push up the alcohol content of wines from rivals such as Australia and the US. The 2015 vintage of the country’sFULL STORY

Restaurant review: Sabrina House (紗汀娜好食)2015-03-28

In Taipei’s Zhongshan District (中山) where the air is smoggy and alleys are dusty, peddlers on sidewalks spread sticky lime on leaves to wrap around betel nuts, while girls in skimpy skirts toddle out to the streets to beckon gawking bystanders into hostess clubs. AFULL STORY

Illuminating the hill2015-03-27

By Ho Yi

Do not expect there to be real lanterns at the Treasure Hill Environmental Art Lantern Festival (寶藏巖環境藝術燈節), set to open at 7pm tomorrow at Taipei’s Treasure Hill Artist Village (寶藏巖國際藝術村). Instead, installations will illuminate the hills, creating a pensive mood for visitors to contemplate theFULL STORY

TNUA student dancers ‘shuttling’ around Taiwan2015-03-27

By Diane Baker

The dance department at Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA, 國立臺北藝術大學) should be feeling very pleased today, as its Focus Dance Company (焦點舞團) opens a sold out four-show run at the school’s dance theater tonight — something professional companies ofttimes only dream about. WhileFULL STORY

A pint for our furry friends2015-03-27

By Dana Ter

What better way is there to enjoy a relaxing end to the weekend than with cronies over some trivia and pints? The spring time pub quiz organized by Animals Taiwan (台灣動物協會), a non-profit devoted to the rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of injured stray dogs andFULL STORY

Live Wire: For new shores2015-03-27

By Joe Henley

There are two different kinds of bands. One breed sits back and waits for opportunity to come knocking. They hold out hope that one day a label will send them out on tour, take care of all the organizational logistics and hold their limp-hanging handsFULL STORY

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