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Staying in touch with the dearly departed

By Enru Lin

In a world that might be around the corner, an elderly widower can continue his relationship with a dearly departed spouse. He turns on the television and there she is in high-definition, gesturing and talking back and even breathing in the way she had inFULL STORY

Hong Kong protesters add helmets to their umbrellas

By Dennis Chong

When Anson Lau first joined Hong Kong’s pro-democracy rallies he carried little more than a raincoat and a bottle of water. But as police began wielding pepper spray and batons, the 20-year-old insurance agent has donned a hard hat and home-made body armor — symbolsFULL STORY

Room to breath

By Richard Ingham

Women exposed to high levels of traffic pollution during the second trimester of pregnancy are at higher risk of giving birth to a child with weak lungs, researchers said Monday. In a long-term study, investigators in Barcelona enrolled 1,295 pregnant women who attended pre-natal clinics inFULL STORY

Lack of sleep in adolescents can be fatal

By Jane E. Brody

Within a week of my grandsons’ first year in high school, getting enough sleep had already become an issue. Their concerned mother questioned whether lights out at midnight or 1am and awakening at 7am or 7:30am to get to school on time provided enough sleep forFULL STORY

Life,liberty and dog ownership?2014-10-21

By Enru Lin

My building has a rule against keeping dogs. I discovered it last year at the elevators, where I ran into my neighbor, “Uncle Soong,” with my new dog in tow. Uncle Soong is fairly famous for being on the building management committee, and because his daughterFULL STORY

Scarce resource hangover2014-10-20

By Jane Wardell

Wine and beer lovers face an uncertain future. While climate change is a distant consideration for many global businesses, grapes and grains are on the front line. The good news for those who like a tipple is that alcoholic drinks makers are among businesses leading theFULL STORY

Worthy gamble2014-10-20

By Kate Kelland

Exercising three times a week reduces the odds of developing depression by around 16 percent, scientists said on Wednesday — and for every extra weekly activity session, the risk drops further. In a study conducted as part of a public health research consortium, the UK-based scientistsFULL STORY

Chinese art colony’s free-speech illusion shatters2014-10-19

By Jack Chang

Just a few weeks ago, oil painters in eastern Beijing’s Songzhuang (宋莊) art district had welcomed foreign reporters into their studios and shown off works tackling such touchy subjects as China’s prisons and Communist Party politics. Over lunch, they candidly lamented the state of freeFULL STORY

Spotlighting locally-made animation2014-10-18

By Ho Yi

The history and vicissitudes of animation in Taiwan and Hong Kong are being presented at an exhibition at Taipei’s Huashan 1914 Creative Park and New Taipei City’s Fuzong 15 (府中15) until the beginning of next month. Fifty Years of Hong Kong and Taiwan Animation (香港台灣動畫五十年大展) featuresFULL STORY

‘Minority in the minority’2014-10-18

By Enru Lin

At the gay pride parade on Saturday, a small group of marchers will rally behind a banner titled Positive Alliance (帕斯堤聯盟). Later, they will perform onstage, also in the name of the alliance. It’s a small part to play, but for them it is unprecedented. SomeFULL STORY

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