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Taiwan in Time: Wrong side of the ‘black ditch’

By Han Cheung

Nov. 20 to Nov. 26 They were kept in the dark until the moment of combat. Chang Teng-hsu (張騰旭) felt uneasy when the Taiwanese soldiers in his squadron were suddenly forbidden from leaving camp in Chiayi. One night, they were woken up and herded onto a trainFULL STORY

‘Old friends over new acquaintances’2017-11-18

By Han Cheung

By September, a total of close to US$2 million worth of Salvadoran coffee had been imported to Taiwan (almost the total amount imported last year). It’s part of a surge in agricultural exports from El Salvador to Taiwan, which by September had surpassed last year’sFULL STORY

Fleeing the cleanse2017-11-18

Torched villages and unharvested paddy fields stretch to the horizon in Myanmar’s violence-gutted Rakhine State, where a dwindling number of Muslim Rohingya remain trapped in limbo after an army crackdown coursed through the region. A rare military-organized trip for foreign media by helicopter to Maungdaw districtFULL STORY

Off the Beaten Track: In the footsteps of Taiwan’s ‘Robin Hood’2017-11-17

By Richard Saunders

It’s not so much the building itself, but the extraordinary story that lies behind it, that makes Liao Tien-ting Temple (廖添丁廟) in New Taipei City’s Bali District (八里) so well worth visiting. Beside a busy road on the edge of Bali, across the estuary fromFULL STORY

Art exhibition listings2017-11-17

By Sheryl Cheung

Showing “fashion in a new light, an X-ray light,” British photographer Nick Veasey collaborates with London’s Victoria and Albert Museum to create life-size X-ray images of its vintage fashion collection. The museum collection, which spans five centuries, claims to be the largest and most comprehensiveFULL STORY

An ale of a time2017-11-17

By Liam Gibson

Shawn Kidd says there were more craft beer gatherings years ago when the scene in Taiwan was just getting started. Now, the brewer and craft beer importer says that bigger players are entering the industry and carving up larger slices of the growing market. “We needFULL STORY

Floating through time and space2017-11-16

By Diane Baker

From the grand spectacular vision that is Dimitris Papaioannou’s The Great Tamer (偉大馴服者) to a minimalist, intense work by up-and-coming Chinese choreographer Gu Jiani (古佳妮), Exit (插銷), to Wu Chien-wei’s (吳建緯) sensual stunner The Floating Space (浮域誌異), there is a lot to tempt theatergoers thisFULL STORY

Two weekends to paint the town red2017-11-16

By Diane Baker

The Red Room is marking its eighth anniversary this month with 8Fest: four days of fun, creativity and sharing in Taipei, spread out over two weekends, starting on Saturday. The founders, supporters and followers of Red Room certainly have reason to celebrate, for what began asFULL STORY

Book review: If worst comes to worst2017-11-16

By Gerrit van der Wees

Taiwan and its future are always sensitive topics, in the US, China and in the nation itself. Its complicated history is often a source of confusion to policymakers around the world, who for many decades only heard the two opposing and conflicting “one China” narratives fromFULL STORY

The silent awakening2017-11-15

By Han Cheung

Chen Wei-cheng (陳韋成) says that since he’s not gay, there’s even more reason for him to march in the Taiwan LGBTQ Pride Parade. “If I were gay, I would have to consider whether I should come out to my family and friends before participating,” heFULL STORY

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