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Number not accepted

By Han Cheung

I experience a feeling of deja vu when dingok.com, a movie ticketing Web site, asks me for my national ID number. I know it’s not going to work, but I type in my Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) number anyway. The words “incorrect format” immediately appearFULL STORY

Hanging up the hat2017-05-22


An elephant stretches its trunk through a window to soothe a sick child. A woman gives birth and three months later is back performing on the high wire. A handler of big cats weeps as the beasts lope out of the ring for the lastFULL STORY

Taiwan in time: Farmers rights gone awry2017-05-21

By Han Cheung

May 22 to May 28 Chien Chi (簡吉), the “professional peasant revolutionary” featured in last week’s column, was not meant to live a complacent life. In 1947, he was in trouble again for organizing a resistance army to fight Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) troops during theFULL STORY

Fancy a noodle burger?2017-05-20

By Dessy Sagita

From a restaurant serving burgers and pizzas made with local noodles to a social media star giving street food a touch of haute cuisine, a new wave of innovative chefs are putting a modern twist on Indonesia’s traditional fare. New eateries have sprung up rapidly inFULL STORY

Nearly 32 million Americans engage in extreme binge-drinking: study2017-05-20

Almost 32 million US adults admit to extreme binge-drinking at least once in the past year, meaning they consumed eight to 10 alcoholic beverages — or more — in a single sitting, US government scientists said on Wednesday. The study in the American Journal of PreventiveFULL STORY

Certain nuts may help ward off return of colon cancer2017-05-20

Eating certain kinds of tree nuts, such as almonds, pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts and cashews, has been linked to a dramatically lower risk of colon cancer recurrence, researchers said Wednesday. The observational study involved 826 patients who had undergone treatment for stage III colon cancer, typically includingFULL STORY

Events and entertainment listings2017-05-19

By Noah Buchan

Event A qualifier will be held on Sunday afternoon at National Taiwan University’s Athletic Stadium for the World Bboy Classic, winners from which will compete in the World Final next month in the Netherlands. Heats include Bboy 2 on 2 Battle and Bboy 3 On 3FULL STORY

Highlight: 520 Eat for Love Summer Charity Vegan Fair2017-05-19

By Han Cheung

Taiwan will join 20 other countries this year in hosting a Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale, which combines vegan delicacies with charity. The Taipei event has been sweets-focused for the past two years, but this year it will be adding savory delights for a more completeFULL STORY

Highlight: Tao-ism in black and white2017-05-19

By Diane Baker

The TAO Dance Theater (陶身體劇場) is only nine years old, but it quickly developed a major reputation in China and internationally for its groundbreaking avant-garde, minimalistic works. Choreographer Tao Ye’s (陶冶) choreography strips dance of its individuality and fripperies, including titling his works simply by theFULL STORY

Highlight: Taiwan International Percussion Convention2017-05-19

By Noah Buchan

The triennial Taiwan International Percussion Convention (TIPC) returns for a ninth year of percussion music. Sponsored by the Taipei-based Ju Percussion Group (朱宗慶打擊樂團), this year’s convention will include for the first time a competition section —Taiwan International Percussion Convention Competition — held in conjunction withFULL STORY

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