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The Sad Fate of Taiwan’s Beautiful Wild Hot Springs

By Richard Saunders

Taiwan is stunningly beautiful, and as the nation’s natural bounty becomes increasingly known to foreign visitors, more are learning about its more publicized natural attractions. However, as any canyoneering guide here will affirm, some of the country’s most mesmerizing sights are to be found inFULL STORY

Taiwan in Time: The ‘Atlantis of Taiwan’2017-06-25

By Han cheung

June 26 to July 2 The ferry sets off into the Feitsui Reservoir every Tomb-Sweeping Day, taking passengers into restricted waters. Provided for free by reservoir authorities, this year it made 24 trips, taking 342 passengers to two locations. These former residents of the area areFULL STORY

Ian’s Table: Castaway treasure2017-06-24

By Ian Bartholomew

The summer heat brings out a huge crop of breadfruit on the two old trees outside our home in Hualien. It has been doing that every year since we came here, and probably long before, but it has always been something of a conundrum whatFULL STORY

Off the Beaten Track: The Stone Candle2017-06-23

By Richard Saunders

New Taipei City’s Pingxi District (平溪) is synonymous with sky lanterns, so it’s only too easy to forget there’s actually a great deal more to do in the area, especially if you’re a walker. The three Pingxi Crags — Filial Son (孝子山), Loving Mother (慈母峰) andFULL STORY

Art exhibition listings2017-06-23

By Jason Chung Tang Yen

Betty Apple (鄭宜蘋) is one of the most provocative artists in the contemporary Taiwanese art scene. Touching on themes ranging from national identity, sex, noise and obscene language, Apple’s performances always leave a deep impression. She will perform at Venue as part of White Fungus’FULL STORY

Highlight: Canada turns 1502017-06-23

By Jason Pan

Canadians all around the world know well to enjoy the summer, and one good way is by joining a party to celebrate Canada Day on July 1st. This year is very special, as the nation marks 150 years of Confederation. “Canadians are generally patriotic, andFULL STORY

Cherishing roots and connections2017-06-22

By Diane Baker

Ho Hsiao-mei (何曉玫) has built up an enviable reputation for her Meimage Dance Company’s New Choreographer Project (鈕扣*New Choreographer計畫) as a platform for Taiwanese professionals working abroad and a crucible for engaging works. The seventh edition of the program New Choreographer Project promises to live upFULL STORY

Movie Review: Mom Thinks I’m Crazy to Marry a Japanese Guy2017-06-22

By Han Cheung

With the title, Mom Thinks I’m Crazy To Marry A Japanese Guy, it’s easy to write off this film as just another over-the-top, cutesy Taiwanese sap fest with a cross-cultural romantic twist. Those elements are all present, and the scenes are way too magical, butFULL STORY

Rain fails to dampen enthusiasm for dance2017-06-22

By Diane Baker

Chang Ting-ting’s (張婷婷) decision to team up with Scarecrow Contemporary Dance Company’s (稻草人現代舞蹈團) artistic director Luo Wen-jinn (羅文瑾) for a show featuring excerpts from previous works paid off last weekend at Taipei’s Experimental Theater. Saturday night’s packed house — and equal enthusiasm for the other showsFULL STORY

One man’s search for the roots of his identity2017-06-22

By Diane Baker

Oliver Chong (鍾達成), a director/playwright/actor with the Singapore-based The Finger Players (十指幫劇場) has brought his acclaimed one-man show, 2012’s Roots (根) to Taiwan. He will be performing two shows at the Cloud Gate Theater in New Taipei City’s Tamsui District, starting tomorrow night. Something of a RenaissanceFULL STORY

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