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Taiwan in Time: The devout and determined poet

By Han Cheung

April 22 to April 28 According to Penghu County records (澎湖縣志), Tsai Chih-chan (蔡旨禪) was born after her childless parents prayed to the Buddhist goddess of compassion, Guanyin (觀音). “She was a virtuous and gifted child with great intelligence, distinguishing herself from her peers at aFULL STORY

Restaurants: Modern Aboriginal cuisine2019-04-20

By Davina Tham

Michelin — the tire company now better known for its food guides — awards its coveted stars based on the effort a diner is advised to expend to get to a restaurant. One star is “worth a stop” and two stars are “worth a detour,”FULL STORY

A modest achievement in Nantou2019-04-19

By Steven Crook

Failure and concrete aren’t words likely to encourage people to read this article. Well, failure might — disastrous expeditions have resulted in some excellent travel writing. But it’s hard to make concrete sound attractive, so I’m not even going to try. My failure wasn’t in theFULL STORY

Art exhibition listings2019-04-19

By Sheryl Cheung

Musica Mobile, a Poetics of Sound and Movement (聲動) is a group exhibition of audiovisual works co-organized by the Taipei Fine Arts Museum (台北市立美術館) and National Center of Musical Creation in Lyon. Curator James Giroudon brings together 28 artists from Taiwan and abroad to exploreFULL STORY

Highlight: Sunflowers in the Street: Protest Photographs from Taiwan2019-04-19

By Han Cheung

When student activists stormed and occupied the Legislative Yuan in March 2014, professional and amateur photographers and videographers flocked to the scene to capture what came to be known as the Sunflower movement. Among these were a small number of expats, some shooting for foreignFULL STORY

Movie review: Our youth in Taiwan2019-04-18

By Han Cheung

We’ve heard enough about Fu Yue’s (傅榆) acceptance speech for best documentary at last November’s Golden Horse Awards, where she drew Chinese ire for stating that she hopes Taiwan can be treated as a truly independent entity. Now let’s look at the winning documentary. On theFULL STORY

Cheating men can be spotted by their face type, study suggests2019-04-18

By Nicola Davis

Philandering men have unfaithfulness written all over their faces, according to research that suggests men and women are able to spot cheating chaps just by looking at them. Experts found men with more “masculine” faces were more likely to be thought to be unfaithful, andFULL STORY

Even moderate intake of red meat raises cancer risk, study finds2019-04-18

By Sarah Boseley

Eating even the moderate amounts of red and processed meat sanctioned by government guidelines increases the likelihood of developing bowel cancer, according to the largest UK study of the risks ever conducted. The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) suggests anyone who eats more thanFULL STORY

Book review: ‘Double Dads One Teen’2019-04-18

By Davina Tham

“Who can stop us from celebrating?” That’s the axiom by which Lance and Stuart Chen-Hayes have lived, loved and parented as a gay couple for almost 20 years. Their journey is recounted with warmth and vigor in this new memoir. Author Stuart Chen-Hayes is a professorFULL STORY

Movie review: A Decision2019-04-17

By Han Cheung

A Decision’s opening sets the grim and philosophical tone for this documentary, with a upbeat doctor asking his paralyzed 24-year-old patient: “For those who rely on a ventilator just to live, is it worse to be conscious or unconscious?” The young man looks at himFULL STORY

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