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Taipei Watcher: Marriage of inconvenience

By Eddy Chang

How would you feel if you learned that your husband was gay? Shocked? Heartbroken? Furious? Priya Vedi, a 31-year-old doctor at a prestigious hospital in New Delhi, India, was devastated and allegedly committed suicide last month for the “immense mental torture” inflicted on her byFULL STORY

More than meets the eye2015-05-30

By Ian Bartholomew

Amaranth greens (莧菜) are not uncommon in markets or even in restaurant dishes such as the well-known whitebait and amaranth (吻魚莧菜), but it has never really been a high-status vegetable despite its many good qualities. Its crinkled and delicate leaves rarely look inviting on theFULL STORY

Celebrating the DIY spirit2015-05-29

By Ho Yi

Make no mistake. At Maker Faire Taipei 2015, a two-day festival beginning tomorrow at Huashan 1914 Creative Park (華山1914創意文化園區), you will encounter plenty of engineers, science students and techno geeks presenting their brilliant experiments and inventions. But you will also run into the tinkerers, do-it-yourselfFULL STORY

Get your German groove on2015-05-29

By Dana Ter

When Till DiLumiere graduated from film school at Kunshan University (崑山科技大學), he was faced with two options: move to Taipei (Tainan wasn’t exactly a hotspot for emerging filmmakers) or give up on filmmaking altogether. Now an assistant professor at Dayeh University’s (大葉大學) European Languages andFULL STORY

Live Wire: Summer music festivals, or lack thereof2015-05-29

By David Frazier

Summer’s here, and the music festivals are coming — only not so much in Taiwan. Huge festivals in Japan and Korea will score many of the world’s top acts, and a few Taiwanese bands will even be playing at them. But despite the Taiwanese governmentFULL STORY

Events and entertainment listings2015-05-29

By Ho Yi

Contemporary Legacy Taipei hosts top Taiwanese pop performers and international acts. Tonight’s spotlight is on Japanese musician and composer World’s End Girlfriend, whose real name is Katsuhiko Maeda. Jazz/rock artist Joanna Wang (王若琳) takes the stage tomorrow. The new installment of The Next Big Thing onFULL STORY

Art exhibition listings2015-05-29

By Dana Ter

Bluerider Art is currently experiencing a Chicago Invasion with artwork from five American artists hailing from the Windy City — Amy Van Winkle, Brigitte Wolf, Cesar Conde, Corinna Button and Zore. Some of the artists are transplants and others were born and bred in Chicago.FULL STORY

Dance: Timing and connections2015-05-29

By Diane Baker

Taiwanese dancer-choreographers Tung I-fen (董怡芬) and Sun Chuo-tai (孫梲泰) are old colleagues. However, next weekend will find them at opposite ends of Taipei, vying for attention with shows that center on similar questions, but from very different directions. Tung’s Play Me will be performed atFULL STORY

The Vinyl Word2015-05-29

By Marcus Aurelius

After two months of intense competition, the Taiwan 2015 Red Bull Thre3style DJ battle is over. The dust settled on May 22 at Myst, and Mr Skin (real name: Lai Chung-hung, 賴重宏) was declared victorious, earning a trip to the world finals in Tokyo, JapanFULL STORY

A little advertising help from some old friends2015-05-28

By Sydney Ember

At McDonald’s headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois, is a room employees call “the pulse.” It contains a large television monitor and several computer screens. And this month, it was where the fast-food company’s marketing team and agency partners waited for the Hamburglar. The classic McDonaldland characterFULL STORY

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