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Don’t expect gender revolution under Tsai admin

By Eddy Chang

Taipei Watcher On May 20, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Chairperson Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) made history by becoming Taiwan’s first female president. “I believe that this is a giant leap for gender equality in Taiwan,” Tsai told an audience of young women at a forum onFULL STORY

Taiwan in Time: Taiwan’s last US ambassador

By Han Cheung

Taiwan in Time: May 30 to June 5 After picking up US deputy secretary of state Warren Christopher from Songshan Airport in late December 1978, Leonard Unger found their limousine surrounded by an angry mob. The truck ahead of them had stopped, and there was no wayFULL STORY

The crunch of dragon whiskers2016-05-28

By Ian Bartholomew

Chayote is a native of Central and South America where it has long been cultivated for its pear-shaped gourd. It was introduced into China, possibly by the Spanish, some time in the early 20th century and has a minor place in Chinese cuisine. The gourdFULL STORY

Innovation is at hand2016-05-27

By Diane Baker

For several years the National Theater Concert Hall has hosted a “New Ideas” series in the late spring, early summer, one for dance and one for theater. This year it has tweaked the English-language title to “Innovation Series,” but the goal remains the same: toFULL STORY

Exploring the ‘Windy City’2016-05-27

By Dana Ter

When Tyson Skriver moved to Hsinchu three years ago, he explored the city with his camera. But it wasn’t until he attended a photo walk in Taipei’s dilapidated Nanjichang community (南機場) earlier this year that he was reminded of how much he enjoyed events withFULL STORY

The whole city is a stage2016-05-27

By Ho Yi

At first glance, the Tainan Arts Festival (台南藝術節) looks like any other comprehensive festival. But a closer look reveals that organizers want to support local talent and connect the event with the city’s rich culture, history and environment. While there are the usual international actsFULL STORY

Events and entertainment listings2016-05-27

By Noah Buchan

Legacy Taipei hosts top Taiwanese pop performers and international acts. On Sunday, the club hosts Punk Floyd, an evening of music featuring the 20th birthday celebrations for local garage rock favorites 88 Balaz (88顆芭樂籽). ■ Huashan 1914 Creative Park (華山1914), Center Five Hall (中五館), 1,FULL STORY

Highlight: Dance2016-05-27

By Diane Baker

Undergraduates studying at Taipei National University of the Arts’ Dance Department are giving their annual Spring Dance Concert (2016舞蹈學院初夏展演:有一點裸體) this weekend, with a triple bill that promises something for everyone. The show opens with Esprit de Corps by Australian contemporary choreographer Leigh Warren. The work,FULL STORY

Highlight: Lecture2016-05-27

By Ho Yi

Praxis School Activism throughout Asia derives its different forms and meanings from different cultural and historical contexts. It is a subject that scholar, artist and social activist Huang Sun-quan (黃孫權) will explore through a series of three-hour lectures titled Multitude: till We Have Faces — theFULL STORY

Highlight: Market2016-05-27

By Dana Ter

Really Really Free Market The premise of this Sunday’s Really Really Free Market is simple: bring a used item you no longer need to the 228 Peace Memorial Park and exchange it with something else you fancy. Items will be laid out on mats so noFULL STORY

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