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Taiwan in Time: ‘Noble patriots’ vs ‘independence mobsters?’

By Han Cheung

Dec 9 to Dec 15 As Formosa magazine (美麗島雜誌) celebrated its launch on Sept. 8, 1979 at the Mandarina Crown Hotel (中泰賓館), members and supporters of Ji Feng magazine (疾風雜誌) gathered outside. The two publications were naturally at odds with eachFULL STORY

Smells like green spirits2019-12-07

As the climate crisis accelerates, fueling powerful storms, unprecedented droughts and wildfires, more consumers are focused on making purchases that are environmentally sensitive. Companies hoping to capture their dollars are increasingly trying to do something — anything — to show they are part of the solutionFULL STORY

Highways and Byways: Come rain or shine2019-12-06

By Steven Crook

In many parts of the world, ignorance of the weather causes nothing worse than discomfort or inconvenience. In Taiwan, which is regularly battered by typhoons, and where in the past droughts sometimes pushed communities to the brink of starvation, not knowing what’s going to happenFULL STORY

A packed dance card2019-12-06

By Diane Baker

It is often feast or famine when it comes to dance performances around Taipei: Weeks of either nothing or just one show per weekend, and then a deluge. It is time to pull out the umbrellas because next weekend brings five programs ranging from aFULL STORY

Highlight: Breathing new life into old pages2019-12-06

By Davina Tham

In its heyday after World War II, Guling Street (牯嶺街) in Taipei’s Zhongzheng District (中正) was home to more than 200 second-hand bookshops. Their fortunes flourished on the backs of departing Japanese settlers, who left behind books, magazines and writing instruments that saw a livelyFULL STORY

Sailing towards peace2019-12-05

By Noah Buchan

After arriving in Hsinchu at the age of 16, Lee Yong-soo was repeatedly raped. She had been catching snails in what is today South Korea’s Daegu when she was kidnapped by a Japanese soldier and sent to Taiwan to serve as a sex slave forFULL STORY

Movie Review: Garden of Evening Mists2019-12-05

By Han Cheung

Although Garden of Evening Mists is set entirely in Malaysia, with only Cantonese and English spoken, the director is Taiwanese. Tom Lin (林書宇), known for his high school romance Winds of September (九降風) and the tragically personal Zinnia Flower (百日告別), takes the helm for thisFULL STORY

Ride the musical tiger2019-12-05

By Han Cheung

From punk to reggae to dub, DJ @llenblow (real name Allen Liu, 劉培倫) has been pioneering foreign musical styles in Taiwan over the past 20 years. His latest venture, Island Futurism, is what he calls Taiwan’s first Afrobeat ensemble, which is a visual, conceptual andFULL STORY

A mix of cultures2019-12-05

By Juan Fernando Herrera Ramos

Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world, with roughly 548 million speakers. Despite that, its popularity in Taiwan is not as high as other foreign languages — something that the Mexican Trade Services Documentation and Cultural Office is looking to change.FULL STORY

MOCA exhibition: After the quakes2019-12-04

By Davina Tham

When the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami hit Japan on March 11, 2011, it dragged out a blue-and-white sampan or wooden fishing boat, with serial number MG3-44187 and cast it adrift in the ocean. Three years later, that same boat was found shipwrecked off the coast ofFULL STORY

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