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Life in the crucible

By Davina Tham

Four years ago, doctors presented Leo Huang (黃博煒) with a life-or-death scenario: he could succumb to his injuries, or choose to amputate both legs and his right arm for a five percent chance of survival. Huang, who suffered over 90 percent burns to his body inFULL STORY

Confronting the past — and the present

By Diane Baker

After seeing Lin Mei-hong’s (林美虹) Schwanengesang (“Swan Song”) at the National Theater in 2010, I bemoaned the fact that this incredibly talented Yilan-born choreographer’s dance-theater works had never been seen in Taiwan before and voiced the hope that local audiences would have the chance toFULL STORY

BOOK REVIEW: Bound for better things?

By Han Cheung

While Footbinding As Fashion looks at the practice in “traditional China,” much of this book is about Taiwan. The nation’s Hoklo majority brought the custom with them when they emigrated en masse across the Taiwan Strait, keeping the majority of their women’s feet tiny andFULL STORY

Review: Taiwanese choreographers provide food for thought, while NDT 1 wows audiences2019-06-26

By Diane Baker

There were a lot of ideas percolating about last weekend in Taiwan Made (台灣製造), choreographer Lin Juju’s (林祐如) contribution to the National Theater Concert Hall’s (NTCH) IDEAS Lab series. Most of them worked. The IDEAS Lab, launched this year, combines what had been the three InnovationFULL STORY

Taiwanese dramas go global2019-06-25

By Candice Chiang

Notorious MRT slasher Cheng Chieh (鄭捷) shocked the nation with his callousness when he told police, “I have been aspiring to do something huge since I was little (我從小就立志-做一件大事).” The killer in the drama The World Between Us (我們與惡的距離) repeats the exact same phrase. Taking inspiration fromFULL STORY

Memes, cartoons and caustic Cantonese2019-06-25

Viral artwork pummeling city leaders, clever word plays and Cantonese cursing that would make a sailor blush — Hong Kongers have displayed a characteristically riotous embrace of satire during their huge anti-government protests. Anger has punctuated much of the historic rallies roiling Hong Kong inFULL STORY

Language wars: Sixteen of the greatest linguistic spats of all time2019-06-24

By David Shariatmadari

What is it about language that gets people so hot under the collar? That drives them to spend hours arguing with strangers on the Internet, to go around correcting misspelt signs in the dead of night, or even to threaten acts of violence? The languagesFULL STORY

White Terror, Green Terror?2019-06-23

By Han Cheung

JUNE 24 to JUNE 30 Accusations of “Green Terror” reignited this week as the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) increased sentences and fines for people spying for China (and other countries) on Wednesday. They did so by amending the National Security Act (國家安全法), which was implementedFULL STORY

Halal food opens interfaith doors2019-06-22

By Davina Tham

Before halal certification, the only foods that a Muslim in Taiwan could confidently eat were fruits with peels, and eggs cooked in the shell. The natural outer coverings ensure that even if these foods are stored next to non-halal products, they remain uncontaminated, says Salahuding MaFULL STORY

A corner of Taitung where herbs thrive2019-06-21

By Steven Crook

For thousands of years, in Taiwan as in many parts of the world, herbs have been used to flavor food and to treat various ailments. Locally, the overlap between cuisine and medicine is considerable. As Cathy Erway, author of The Food of Taiwan, recently toldFULL STORY

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