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Orphans of a ‘twisted history’

By Han Cheung

Taiwan in Time: June 27 to July 2 Over the years, the term “Orphans of Asia” (亞細亞的孤兒) has been used to describe a number of things, including Taiwan’s political isolation and Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) troops stranded in Thailand and Myanmar after they lost the civilFULL STORY

TAIPEI WATCHER: Ma’s failed promises

By Eddy Chang

There was a time when former president Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) was a “dream date” for gay men. Under Ma’s mayorship in the early 2000s, Taipei became the first city in Asia to use public funds for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) events. He alsoFULL STORY

The great grain2016-06-25

By Ian Bartholomew

Corn, also known as maize, is one of the largest food crops in the world, nourishing large sections of humanity. But it is also at the center of an often-heated controversy about how it is used. While some laud it as a potential answer toFULL STORY

You asked for it2016-06-24

By Diane Baker

One criticism that the Taipei Times’ features department receives is that we run stories about shows and programs too close to the performance dates, when the only seats left are the most expensive or less desirable ones. So we thought we give our readers aFULL STORY

Dinner, drinks and trash talk2016-06-24

By Han Cheung

Face it, most human beings love to hate. Have you ever walked out of an excellent movie thinking, “Darn it, that was so good I have nothing to talk smack about?” No? Fine, but Taipei improvisation troupe Sweet Danger is hosting its second Taipei CityFULL STORY

Celebrating the Great White North2016-06-24

By Dana Ter

When Carrie Kellenberger was a child, her family celebrated Canada Day by roasting marshmallows on a big barbecue at their cottage by the lake in North Bay, Ontario. “I am from a very small town in Ontario and my family lived in the country,” says Kellenberger,FULL STORY

Events and entertainment listings2016-06-24

By Noah Buchan

Legacy Taipei hosts top Taiwanese pop performers and international acts. Tomorrow the venue will host a Golden Melody awards afterparty with DJ Chengrong (DJ陣容). On Sunday it is Share Your Love party with live music by 9m88 and beats by Andy K, Human Wright andFULL STORY

Highlight: Dance2016-06-24

By Noah Buchan

Sao Taiwan When Tong Yang-tze’s (董陽孜) SAO (騷) was first performed as part of the Taipei International Festival for the Arts in 2014 — a collaboration with choreographers Bulareyaung Pagarlava and Scarecrow Contemporary Dance Company (稻草人現代舞蹈團) artistic director Luo Wen-jinn (羅文瑾), critics praised the production forFULL STORY

Highlight: Bake2016-06-24

By Dana Ter

Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale Chocolate chip cookies, apple tarts, blueberry cakes and other vegan treats made by nearly 30 individual bakers and restaurants and bakeries such as Mianto (米愛多), Bio AtPeace Cafe ((愛在蔬食), Ooh Cha Cha (自然食), Soul R. Vegan (靈魂餐廳) and Green Bakery (綠帶純植物烘焙), willFULL STORY

Highlight: Activity2016-06-24

By Han Cheung

Epic Water Fight Last month, Gudetama (Sanrio’s popular lazy egg character) and T-Rex engaged in an epic water fight at Taipei’s Huashan Grasslands with the help of their human allies. On Sunday, the two will be going at it again, and this time they are invitingFULL STORY

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