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Night market, reconstructed

By Han Cheung

Imagine walking into a typical Taiwanese night market. Everything feels as it should — the sounds, the smells, the sights, the crowd, the vendors — all blending into a comforting atmosphere of familiar, ordered chaos. Suddenly you notice that something’s different. You’re still sitting onFULL STORY

Spicing up Malaysia’s beloved ‘fatty rice’2015-07-04

By Satish Cheney

Zainal Abidin’s tiny food stall serves just one item and opens for only a few hours but is besieged each day by nearly a thousand customers clamoring for Malaysia’s undisputed national dish, nasi lemak. “We need more rice in here!” shouted a sweaty teenager working Zainal’sFULL STORY

Restaurant review: Brookhurst Seafood Bar2015-07-04

By Dana Ter

Brookhurst Seafood Bar serves goodness in a bag. Literally. Customers sit down, fasten plastic bibs around their necks, slip on gloves and proceed to rip apart shrimp and lobster swimming in a herb and garlic sauce inside a plastic bag. The goodness doesn’t stop there.FULL STORY

A peacock’s tale2015-07-03

By Diane Baker

Famed dancer Yang Liping (楊麗萍) and her Yunnan Yang Liping Dance Company (雲南楊麗萍文化傳播有限公司) is bringing her 2012 “dance drama” The Peacock (孔雀) to the National Theater in Taipei next week, with all its technicolor glory. Yang, 57, is a member of the Bai ethnic minorityFULL STORY

A different kind of dojo2015-07-03

By Han Cheung

Gone are the days of the illegible strings of numbers, letters and symbols running across your monitor. Computer programming, which in the past was reserved for the brilliant minded, is now made easy with intuitive programs where users can click on buttons to automatically generateFULL STORY

Bringing on the Fourth, Brklyn style2015-07-03

By Dana Ter

With their hand carved antique wood furniture, custom-made leather burgundy booths and snazzy snooker tables, Brklyn, Taipei’s newest gastropub in Xinyi District (信義), will have you almost believing that you’re drinking in a Brooklyn neighborhood that’s become so gentrified by so-called hipsters that it’s moreFULL STORY

Live Wire: Welcome to the machine2015-07-03

By Joe Henley

Hang around in the music industry long enough and you’ll play every role the press has to conjure. Hero, villain, comeback kid. Earned or not, there are only so many parts to be handed out, and they have to be cast. There are blank pagesFULL STORY

Events and entertainment listings2015-07-03

By Ho Yi

Contemporary Legacy Taipei hosts top Taiwanese pop performers and international acts. Mando-pop crooner Michael Wong (光良) comes with his new album on Sunday, and it is the release party of R&B/funk group Space Cake’s (史貝絲考克) new record on Wednesday. The new latest installment of The NextFULL STORY

Art exhibition listings2015-07-03

By Dana Ter

The term “globalization” has been thrown around haphazardly since the 1990s without much chops to back it up — not everyone can afford to buy a smartphone, let alone travel the world and experience different cultures. Japanese artist Takahiko Suzuki challenges the concept of “globalization”FULL STORY

The Vinyl Word2015-07-03

By Marcus Aurelius

At the end of 2011 and the first half of 2012, Jay-Z and Kanye West preformed together for the Watch the Throne tour, supporting their album of the same name. One of the many highlights of the shows was when they played their big hit,FULL STORY

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