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Movie review: The Assassin 刺客聶隱娘

By Ho Yi

Hou Hsiao Hsien (侯孝賢) and the wuxia genre seem to be unsuited as the martial-arts cinema, which traditionally focuses on movement and action, is not the type of film one easily associates with the Taiwanese auteur known for his quiet, minimal cinematic ethos. But Hou’sFULL STORY

No stages allowed

By Han Cheung

No, that’s not a cutesy reduplication in the name of this weekend’s StreetVoice Park Park Carnival. It literally refers to the act of parking a car in a public park. Set for Saturday and Sunday, the carnival is held throughout Taipei Flora Expo Park (台北花博公園)FULL STORY

Far from the fringe

By Dana Ter

A murder mystery-themed coffee shop, the attic of an old bed & breakfast and the rooftop of a rundown textile factory recently turned into a co-working/gallery space for artists are among the 35 venues that Taipei Fringe Festival has picked for their performances this year.FULL STORY

Live Wire: Mountains of might

By joe Henley

Everyone is ready to sacrifice everything for their art — until such time comes that they actually do in fact have to give in order to get. I’ve seen it with my own eyes and heard with my tinnitus-ridden ears. Band gets invited to high-profileFULL STORY

Events and entertainment listings

By Ho Yi

Contemporary Legacy Taipei hosts top Taiwanese pop performers and international acts. Popular comedy rockers Wonfu (旺福) take the stage tonight, followed by a number of pop acts tomorrow, including Ailing Tai (戴愛玲), Yen-j (嚴爵) and Pets Tseng (曾沛慈). Sunday promises to be a metal night withFULL STORY


By Diane Baker

Interesting things happen when Taipei’s Century Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC, 世紀當代舞團) joins forces with foreign artists, as most recently demonstrated earlier this year when it worked with Leipzig Ballet artistic director/choreographer Mario Schroder for a production for the Taiwan International Festival of Arts that includedFULL STORY

Art exhibition listings

By Dana Ter

The Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts is currently exhibiting Flamboyant Mobile Interactive — Formosa Wall Painting Group (赤燄 ‧ 游擊 ‧ 藝術交陪 — 新台灣壁畫隊). Featuring works by the Formosa Wall Painting Group, an art collective formed to make art more accessible and relatable to theFULL STORY

The Vinyl Word

By Marcus Aurelius

Leaving Taiwan can be a difficult thing. Reverse culture shock sets in and looking at everyone who is still in Taiwan’s Facebook community having fun causes a lot of FOMO (fear of missing out). Robi Roka (real name Rob Mallenzi), who returns to Taiwan thisFULL STORY

Movie releases

Compiled by Han Cheung

Elephant Song Winner of this year’s Canadian Screen Awards for Best Adapted Screenplay, Elephant Song is a drawn-out psychological battle between the director of a mental hospital and a longtime patient who may be linked to a recently-disappeared psychiatrist. The patient is a prototypical psychopath —FULL STORY

A French connection2015-08-27

By Ho Yi

Who are young Taiwanese filmmakers and what movies do they want to make? These are the kinds of questions Jerome Baron had in mind when he brought Producing in the South (Produire au Sud) to Taipei last month, along with a group of film professionals,FULL STORY

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