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When words are not enough

By Diane Baker

The Taiwan International Festival of Arts (TIFA) opens this weekend at the National Theater in Taipei with a harrowing tale of addiction, loss, anguish, darkness and joy: the dance-theater production Betroffenheit. On the surface such a show would not appear to be the logical choice toFULL STORY

Christmas in February

Afro-Colombian communities in the southwest of the Latin American country are celebrating Christmas, like every year, a little later than the rest of the world. The mid-February festivities are a tradition that dates back to the days of slavery, when their ancestors were banned fromFULL STORY

Non-white casts and the global market

Marvel’s Black Panther opened as the most successful movie with a primarily non-white cast of all time, industry data showed Tuesday, raising hopes for a new era of storytelling by filmmakers and actors of color. The 18th release in the Marvel Cinematic Universe opened atop theFULL STORY

Book review: A not-so-subtle slice of historic fiction

By Bradley Winterton

Sometimes what lies behind a book is more interesting than what it contains. And so it is with The Jing Affair, a Cold War thriller first published in 1965 and set almost entirely in Taiwan. Two background features stand out, the first concerning Taiwan’s formerFULL STORY

Relocating literary history2018-02-21

Wearing masks and gloves, specialized staff gingerly place their treasured cargo inside wheeled, shock-absorbing boxes for a historic trip to the other end of Athens in the biggest book move in Greek history. From January until April, the National Library of Greece is moving root andFULL STORY

Secrets beneath layers of varnish2018-02-21

Dutch and French art historians on Monday unveiled the surprising results of 18 months of painstaking restoration work on a pair of 17th century portraits by Dutch master Rembrandt. The portraits of a newly married Dutch couple were jointly bought in 2015 by the Netherlands andFULL STORY

Lunar New Year announcement2018-02-19

Due to the Lunar New Year holiday, from Friday, Feb. 16, through Tuesday, Feb. 20, there will be no features pages. The paper returns to its usual format on Wednesday, Feb. 21, when features will also be resumed. Kung Hsi Fa Tsai!FULL STORY

The accidental chef2018-02-15

By Chris Fuchs

Jason Wang (王凱傑) had already lost in the season finale of the reality TV cooking show MasterChef when things, as he put it, went “bonkers” in Taiwan. Late last year, an online clip of the 35-year-old Taiwanese-American music teacher and classical tenor vocalist made theFULL STORY

An ode to Taipei and photography2018-02-15

By Paige Lim

When Dutch filmmaker David Verbeek visited Taiwan for the first time in 2007, he remembers being inexplicably drawn to its enigmatic charms. “There was something about the atmosphere in the streets of Taiwan that I found very peculiar, totally different from what I had experiencedFULL STORY

Back to basics2018-02-15

By Amber Wang

With watches made from cement, furniture fashioned from factory pipes, and accessories created from motorbike leather, Taiwanese designers are winning new fans at home and abroad with their own brand of industrial chic. The style reflects the nation’s sprawling cities and aims to breathe new lifeFULL STORY

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