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Soho of Malaga

By Laure Fillon

When the Spanish city of Malaga wanted to clean up its sleazy port side district, it called in the painters — big international names in the street art movement. In streets formerly roamed by sex workers and drug dealers, the faded 19th-century buildings now bear weirdFULL STORY

A slice of red goodness2015-01-31

By Ian Bartholomew

Beetroot is not a vegetable common either in traditional markets or in Taiwanese cuisine generally, but its relative ease of cultivation has made it popular with amateur farmers, and its numerous health benefits has given it great cachet with the health food crowd. My ownFULL STORY

Small town life2015-01-31

By Neil Macfarquhar

In many ways, the movie Leviathan is Russia’s greatest cinematic accomplishment in years, maybe decades. The Golden Globe winner this month for best foreign film, it provides an unrelenting, vodka-soaked portrait of small-town corruption that has been praised by critics and filmmakers throughout the worldFULL STORY

Shoe-ing off down south2015-01-30

By Diane Baker

Scheduling problems have kept the Kaohsiung City Ballet (KCB, 高雄城市芭蕾舞團) from making its almost annual pilgrimage north to Taipei with its Dance Shoe (點子鞋) production, which is a loss for Taipei ballet fans, given the caliber of last year’s show. Company founder Chang Hsiu-ru (張秀如) couldFULL STORY

The karaoke girls return2015-01-30

By Ho Yi

When Slow Island Theater Group’s (慢島劇團) popular musical, Moon Girl (月孃), premiered in 2010, their choice of venue seemed unconventional at first. For two weeks, the troupe performed a story about the lives of three women growing up together in a karaoke parlor in frontFULL STORY

Live Wire: Fish in southern Taiwan on (legal) drugs2015-01-30

By David Frazier

A new scientific study released earlier this month shows large quantities of drugs — both legal and illegal — appearing in the Kenting water supply during the annual spring holiday weekend known as Spring Scream music festival. The study found large spikes of MDMA andFULL STORY

Events and entertainment listings2015-01-30

By Ho Yi

Contemporary Legacy Taipei hosts top Taiwanese pop performers and international acts. Tonight’s spotlight is on folk/pop act Hush!. American experimental rock band Swans arrives tomorrow, and it is the release party of taike rockers Sunset Samurai’s (夕陽武士) debut album on Sunday. On Tuesday, the venue hostsFULL STORY

Art exhibitions2015-01-30

By Dana Ter

Influenced by Italo Calvino’s 1972 novel Invisible Cities, Ibid (如前所述) is a solo exhibition by UK artist Alec Shepley at the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts which tackles the question of what to do with our worldly possessions once there is no longer a useFULL STORY

Vinyl word2015-01-30

By Olivia Wycech

The first time Shinichi Osawa visited Taipei was in 2009 after the American release of his album The One on Dim Mak Records. At the time, people were so high on Dim Mak that word spread quick that Osawa, a Dim Mak affiliated DJ fromFULL STORY

Taipei Watcher: Let there be light2015-01-29

By Eddy Chang

Not long ago, I had minor eye surgery and experienced one of the scariest moments of my life. While nervously lying on the operating table, I opened my eyes but could hardly see. Though my vision eventually returned, I have since wondered how difficult itFULL STORY

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