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Ian’s Table: Leafy licorice

By Ian Bartholomew

When we think about fennel in Western cooking, it is usually as a bulb vegetable. In Taiwan, this type of fennel is unusual and relatively expensive. On the other hand, varieties of fennel cultivated only for the fronds, which are usually removed before sale fromFULL STORY

The sands of time2015-11-27

By Diane Baker

Kaohsiung-based Solar Site Dance Company (索拉舞蹈空間) is braving the chillier weather of Taipei this weekend to showcase company founder Pan Ta-chien’s (潘大謙) newest work, Drifting Sand (低吹沙). While most people, if playing a word association game, would liken sand to beaches, sunny days and fun, PanFULL STORY

Movie review: The Tag-Along2015-11-27

By Ho Yi

Cheng Wei-hao’s (程偉豪) debut feature, The Tag-Along (紅衣小女孩), contain an element that will terrify movie-goers in a way that foreign horror flicks can’t: a familiarity with Taiwanese folklore. The ghost in this smartly-written film comes from a famous home video broadcast on television in 1988.FULL STORY

Aloe on a leash2015-11-27

By Han Cheung

Walking your pet is a good way to get some exercise and meet some fellow animal lovers. And if you believe in cheesy romcoms, you might even find true love. But what if you’re a plant lover? Heck, walk it too. The first Walk theFULL STORY

Live Wire: Battles play The Wall2015-11-27

By David Frazier

Eight years ago, the New York computer rock band Battles was on the cusp of crossing over into the territory of general popularity. They were stylish modernists with backgrounds in math rock and hardcore metal, playing a groove-heavy music where the human parts (vocals andFULL STORY

Events and entertainment listings2015-11-27

By Ho Yi

CONTEMPORARY A “supergroup” formed by four members of well-known indie bands, Felix Felicis (小福氣) plays with (in)famous noise maker Dawang Huang (黃大旺) tonight at The Wall (這牆), Taipei’s most prominent venue for indie rock artists. Psychedelic rockers U.TA (屋塔) play tunes from its new album onFULL STORY

Art exhibition listings2015-11-27

By Dana Ter

Installation artist Huang Shih-ting (黃詩婷) has a deeply introspective exhibition at Frees Art Space entitled Beyond the Visible Spectrum — Intrinsic Myth (可見光譜之外─內在神話). The exhibition centers on the notion of “soul” — including the idea of soul mates, of the question of life after deathFULL STORY

The Vinyl Word2015-11-27

By Marcus Aurelius

When DJs arrive in Taiwan, they are often whisked straight to the hotel to check in, taken somewhere to get a bite to eat then dropped off to do the gig. Once the show is over, the DJ must head back to their hotel forFULL STORY

Movie releases2015-11-27

Compiled by Han Cheung

Victor Frankenstein What, another Frankenstein movie fresh off the heels of last year’s I, Frankenstein? (Yeah, we’re pretending that Frankenstein vs the Mummy never existed.) While the former featured the monster as the protagonist, this one has Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy teaming up toFULL STORY

He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother2015-11-26

By Diane Baker

The family-centric Chang Dance Theater (長弓舞蹈劇場) will give three performances of its latest show,Beat (心動), at Taipei’s Wenshan Theater this weekend, beginning with a Saturday matinee. The four-year-old troupe founded by Chang Chien-hao (張堅豪) is truly a brotherhood, as its members include his siblings, Chang Chien-chihFULL STORY

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