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Taipei Watcher: The call is loud and clear

By Eddy Chang

Led by pop diva Chang Hui-mei (張惠妹), also known as A-mei (阿妹), 37 artists took part in a benefit concert at Taipei Arena at the beginning of this month to show support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. The concert, Love is King.FULL STORY

Taiwan in Time: Defending the homeland to the death

By Han Cheung

Aug. 29 to Sept. 4 After landing in Taiwan and encountering much local resistance, the Japanese army reached the northern banks of the Dadu River (大肚溪), on what is today’s border between Taichung and Changhua County, on Aug. 25, 1895. They didFULL STORY

Drinking Taipei: 3000 glasses of beer on the wall2016-08-27

By Dana Ter

One year ago, my idea of good alcohol was Taiwan Beer, or a Singapore Sling, if I wanted to be classy. A craft beer-loving friend from Michigan visited and I wracked my brain trying to figure out where in Taipei to bring him. I inadvertentlyFULL STORY

Dying of the light2016-08-27

By Gohar ABBAS

Pakistan’s oldest red light district was for centuries a hub of traditional erotic dancers, musicians and prostitutes — Pigalle with a Mughal twist, deep in the heart of vibrant Lahore. But as an e-commerce boom revolutionizes how Pakistanis conduct the world’s oldest profession, locals sayFULL STORY

Book review: A life lived, and sometimes regretted2016-08-27

By Jennifer Senior

In 1950 psychoanalyst Erik Erikson proposed that we tender, fallible humans pass through eight stages of development, each defined by a different conflict. The final stage: Ego Integrity Versus Despair. Cheering terminology, I know. The idea is that when we’re older, we face an existential reckoning: WeFULL STORY

Movie Review: Ace of Sales2016-08-26

By Han Cheung

You can’t escape it — almost every mainstream Taiwanese movie has to come with the trademark characteristics of cuteness, sappiness and over-the-top absurdity. Those ingredients are clearly present in Ace of Sales, complete with the ubiquitous flamboyant gangster (Jack Na, 那維勳) who inexplicably finishes hisFULL STORY

Five courses of vegan2016-08-26

By Dana Ter

Robert Montano may be known as the tattooed chef at Twinkeyz Tacos who sous-vides a killer carne asada, but he’ll be serving a five-course vegan meal at NakedFood on the evening of Sept. 3. Montano, who is always greeting diners at Twinkeyz and asking them ifFULL STORY

Events and entertainment listings2016-08-26

By Noah Buchan

Contemporary Hong Kong’s math rock band tfvsjs will play tomorrow from its recently released album, zoi, tomorrow at the The Wall (這牆), a prominent venue for indie rock artists. On Sunday it is the Anidoujin Music Fest with Japanese heavy metal singer Eizo Sakamoto, the formerFULL STORY

Highlight: Toucheng Ghost Grappling Festival 頭城搶孤2016-08-26

By Han Cheung

When the gates of the netherworld close and Ghost Month draws to a close on Wednesday night, the people of Toucheng Township (頭城) in Yilan County will gather by the sea and appease the “wandering ghosts” (孤魂), who perished during the Han Chinese migration intoFULL STORY

Highlight: Surf Costume Competition Charity Event2016-08-26

By Dana Ter

The surf costume competition, which sees surfers donning superhero outfits, French maid corsets and what not while they try to catch waves, is back tomorrow for the third year in a row at Waiao Beach (外澳) in Yilan County (宜蘭). The NT$500 registration fee paidFULL STORY

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