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Going retro

By Dana Ter

On the shelves are endless rows of old drinking glasses produced by brands such as Yakult and Taiwan Beer. A bespectacled lady donning a handmade felt brooch she purchased from Nepal picks up a small glass. “This one is over 50 years old, just like me,”FULL STORY

Fishing for survival2016-12-06

Ahmed Ali Mohamed snorkels over sea grass and coral, keeping an eye out for different fish species darting through the waters below him. But his job is not to catch the fish — as his family has done for generations — instead he only countsFULL STORY

Tearful reunion2016-12-06

Jomaa al-Qassem fell to his knees and burst into tears on the muddy floor outside a reception point for Syrians pouring out of war-ravaged eastern Aleppo. Amid hundreds of people at the government-run centre outside the city, he had just spotted his 17-year-old daughter Rasha forFULL STORY

Megacities key to reaching global climate goals2016-12-05

Big cities must collectively cut their carbon footprint by nearly half within a decade if global climate goals are to be met, according to an analysis unveiled Thursday. Without aggressive measures by cities, the 196-nation Paris Agreement to curtail global warming “cannot be realistically delivered,” accordingFULL STORY

Four cities and climate change2016-12-05

Fighting climate change means different things in different cities, as this snapshot illustrates: VANCOUVER, CANADA Environmentalism and tourism are intertwined in Vancouver, a city of 600,000 nestling between beautiful mountain peaks and the Pacific Ocean. Since 2007, a swathe of green measures has cut CO2 emissions fromFULL STORY

Taiwan in Time: The great retreat2016-12-04

By Han Cheung

Taiwan in Time: Dec. 5 to Dec. 11 Shortly after noon on Dec. 10, 1949, Chiang Kai-shek (蔣介石) and his son Chiang Ching-kuo (蔣經國) finished their last meal in China. The elder Chiang’s mood was solemn as they headed to Chengdu’s militaryFULL STORY

When it comes to clams, the more broth, the better2016-12-03

By David Tanis

After the feasting — or between feasts, at any rate — there is solace and sanity in a bowl of soup. This has long been my strategy for counteracting the annual bouts of overindulgence and aiming once again for moderation in all things, edible andFULL STORY

‘Two all-beef patties, special sauce ...’2016-12-03

By William Grimes

In April 1967, hamburger lovers in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, south of Pittsburgh, met a newer, bigger burger. Introduced by a local McDonald’s, it was called the Big Mac, and for 45 cents it delivered, as a 1970s jingle would have it, “two all-beef patties, special sauce,FULL STORY

In Bangladesh, disaster-savvy students protect families from floods2016-12-03

By Mushfique Wadud

Bangladeshi teacher Monjurul Islam was talking to his class of 10-year-olds about how the planet is heating up, when Mosammat Ferdousi stood up and asked: “We are experiencing heavy floods in the last few years — is this linked to climate change?” Islam told his pupilsFULL STORY

Rebuilding history?2016-12-03

By Anne Chaon

For centuries they stood, two monumental ancient statues of Buddha carved into the cliffs of Bamiyan, loved and revered by generations of Afghans — only to be pulverized by the Taliban in an act of cultural genocide. It felt like the loss of family for manyFULL STORY

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