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Rodent rescue

By Han Cheung

Last time the Year of the Rat rolled around, many people listened to the advice of fortune tellers and bought a rodent to attract wealth. With three days left until the Lunar New Year, Rodents Care Association (中華民國愛鼠協會) president Chang Sheng-man (張勝鬘) hasn’t heard anythingFULL STORY

Successful turnout at Taipei Dangdai2020-01-21

By Ella Csarno

“We hope to make Taipei Dangdai the most important event in the art scene around the world and in Asia,” was co-director Robin Peckham’s speech opening, speaking in Mandarin as a nod to the local market. Returning for a second year, Dangdai’s (台北當代) goal isFULL STORY

‘Parasite’ parties, Leo greets young fans inside SAG Awards2020-01-21

By Andrew Dalton

Off-camera and during commercials, the stars at the Screen Actors Guild Awards got to rub shoulders, give congratulatory kisses and meet for the first or the 50th time. Here are some of the more memorable moments from inside Sunday night’s ceremony at the Shrine AuditoriumFULL STORY

Hollywood losing ground to Chinese blockbusters?2020-01-20

China’s biggest week of the year for movie-goers is packed with at least 12 new releases — all in the local language — a sign that Hollywood studios are headed for another challenging year in their No. 1 overseas market. The lineup of potential Lunar NewFULL STORY

Wooling the world on a wave of niceness2020-01-20

A giggly white rabbit called Molang who loves nothing more than cuddles and helping his friends has become a global children’s megastar. The ever-smiling character began as an emoji in South Korea before the French animation studio Millimages gave him new life as the star ofFULL STORY

Taiwan in Time: Fixing the KMT, 1950 edition2020-01-19

By Han Cheung

Jan. 20 to Jan. 26 Party members calling for the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) to reform after last week’s elections have been using the word gaizao (改造) — the exact same phrase the party used 70 years ago for its two-year restructuringFULL STORY

A North Korean outpost in Seoul2020-01-18

Tucked away in the dazzling neon of Seoul’s Hongdae nightlife district, a small building bears an image of a North Korean-looking construction worker pointing to the slogan: “Look! It’s the Pyongyang Bar!” There are no post, telephone or transport links between the two halves ofFULL STORY

A century after the booze ban2020-01-18

It was an era famous for its bootleggers, mobsters and hidden speakeasies. On on Jan. 17, 1920, the 18th Amendment of the US Constitution came into force, ushering in Prohibition in America. A century later, the country has yet to fully turn the page on thatFULL STORY

Highways & Byways:The pool of blue light: Hsinchu’s research reactor2020-01-17

By Steven Crook

Like most people living in Taiwan, I’ve long been aware that the country has a small number of nuclear power stations, and that politicians and experts continue to argue about the future of atomic energy on this island. But until recently, I didn’t know thatFULL STORY

Child ‘love’ marriages blight young lives2020-01-17

Teenager Asha Charti Karki told her parents she was going out to study, but instead she ran off to wed her boyfriend — one of a growing number of Nepali teenagers who are marrying young by choice. “There were rumors about us in the village andFULL STORY

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