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The bamboo that isn’t

By Ian Bartholomew

For many years cooking and eating in Taiwan, I had never quite seen the point of water bamboo — or indeed really understood what it was. The name suggested that it was some kind of bamboo shoot and my own experience was that while pleasantlyFULL STORY

A night at the zoo2014-10-24

By Enru Lin

Tomorrow at its centennial party, Taipei Zoo keeps its gates open after dark for trick or treaters. Taipei Zoo’s Halloween event, the sixth annual “Zoolloween,” begins at 4pm and continues after sunset, upon which the trails are brightened by spooky lights. Two exhibits will remain open: TheFULL STORY

Noir and in the cloud2014-10-24

By Ho Yi

As a result of recent political infighting in Greater Kaohsiung, the 2014 Kaohsiung Film Festival (KFF高雄電影節) almost did not take place. It faced the possibility of cancellation in February when drastic budget cuts by the Greater Kaohsiung city council left festival organizers with no money.FULL STORY

Live Wire: Korea’s national-entertainment complex2014-10-24

By David Frazier

For all the talk of Taiwan as the great factory of Chinese pop, Taiwan’s music industry looks like a bunch of clowns banging each other on the head with rubber hammers compared to what’s happening in South Korea. The thing that’s gobsmacking about K-Pop isFULL STORY

Events and entertainment listings2014-10-24

By Ho Yi

Contemporary Legacy Taipei hosts top Taiwanese pop performers and international acts. Allen Wes & The Angel Without Wings (艾瑋倫& The Angel Without Wings) fuses nu metal, post-hardcore with electronic sounds tonight, with rock/electro band OVDS and Kaohsiung rockers Mister Mouth (嘴哥樂團) as the special guests. Tomorrow’sFULL STORY

Highlight: Taiwan POW Camps Memorial Society2014-10-24

By Enru Lin

Next month, the Taiwan POW Camps Memorial Society is hosting its annual memorial service for Allied soldiers imprisoned by the Japanese in Taiwan during World War II. Remembrance Weekend starts 6pm on Nov. 8 with a banquet at the Howard Plaza Hotel, joined by GeorgeFULL STORY

Highlight: Imagery of Taiwan (台灣阿嬤)2014-10-24

By Diane Baker

Jade & Artists Dance Troupe (肢體音符舞團) has a reputation for multi-media collaborations, something it is expanding upon with its latest — and most expansive — production, Imagery of Taiwan (台灣阿嬤), which opened at the Red House Theater (西門紅樓) in Taipei’s Xinminding area lastFULL STORY

Art exhibition listings2014-10-24

By Enru Lin

Heritage: International Ceramics Exhibition (薪傳:國際陶藝特展) brings together 56 pieces from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and China that are inspired by local history and customs. Lai Fu-huan’s (賴復歡) ceramics silo, modeled after the classic Hakka grain silos of Miaoli County, is a showpiece thatFULL STORY

The Vinyl Word2014-10-24

By Olivia Wycech

Halloween has arrived early this year. And twice. The first weekend of freakish festivities kicks off tomorrow night with two parties catering to dance music fans. You can still expect a jam-packed weekend with Halloween-themed parties next week, but none hosting internationals acts. Due toFULL STORY

Dance: A Rosy love affair2014-10-24

By Diane Baker

Dance Forum Taipei (舞蹈空間) returns to the Taipei City Shuiyuan Theater on Roosevelt Road — also known as the Wellspring Theater — tonight for three performances of Red and White (紅與白) to continue celebrations of the troupe’s 25th anniversary and to mark the 60th anniversaryFULL STORY

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