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Skiing out of the shadows

By Justin Bergman

Emerging from the warmth of her car, Jung Sang-mi watched her husband trudge up a snowy hill, red sled in hand, as their 5-year-old son bounded excitedly ahead, ready for another run. Like many young South Koreans in the congested capital of Seoul, she andFULL STORY

Taiwan in Time: Chasing away ‘evil spirits’2017-02-19

By Han Cheung

Feb. 20 to Feb. 26 About 500 Tao Aborigines from Orchid Island marched toward the southeastern tip of their homeland on the morning of Feb. 20, 1991, raising placards and announcing their desire to rid the island of “evil spirits” — nuclearFULL STORY

Orange aid2017-02-18

By Ian Bartholomew

Everyone knows about oranges, right? They are the edible citrus fruit of choice over much of the planet. But what is often ignored is the sheer variety of oranges out there, providing a wide pallet of flavors, with some varieties better for juice, others forFULL STORY

Events and entertainment listings2017-02-17

By Noah Buchan

Event Taipei Story Slam is back for another evening of competitive storytelling. Held on Thursday at Sappho Live, a jazz club, story tellers are given seven minutes to tell a true, personal story fitting a pre-assigned theme that will be judged by people chosen randomly fromFULL STORY

Highlights:Weekend life drawing2017-02-17

By Han Cheung

Can’t get enough of life drawing at Revolver, or want to do it in a non-bar atmosphere? Boven, a creative and design magazine library, will be hosting a three-hour session on Sunday with several models striking poses all evening. The admission fee includes a drinkFULL STORY

Highlights:TGIF Hip Secret Cinema2017-02-17

By Dana Ter

Celebrate the weekend by sipping cocktails at TGIF Hip Secret Cinema which is back tonight at Spacebar_Room. Every Friday evening, the bar-turned-cinema screens a “secret” movie (only five clues, released hours prior to the screening, will be released to participants). To book a seat, whichFULL STORY

Art exhibition listings2017-02-17

By Dana Ter

Currently on display at Metaphysical Art Gallery is God’s Tear Drop (老天爺的淚珠). South Korean artist Kim Tschang-yeul’s, who is one of the “founding fathers” of the Korean monochrome movement known as Danseakhwa, initially started painting tear drops to symbolize the process of healing after theFULL STORY

From persecution to forced marriage2017-02-16

By Rozanna Latiff and Ebrahim Harris

The slight girl in a turquoise headscarf held back tears as she recalled what happened when she fled to Malaysia from Myanmar’s violence-hit Rakhine state. Just 12-years-old at the time, she was forced to wed a man she did not know, and who was moreFULL STORY

A team called hope2017-02-16

By Thanassis Stavrakis and Derek Gatopoulos

Soccer fans of a certain age may still remember Antonis Nikopolidis for his resemblance to American actor George Clooney and as the goalkeeper who helped Greece become surprise European Champions in 2004. Now the country’s national youth team coach, Nikopolidis is helping refugees stranded in GreeceFULL STORY

An ‘everlasting’ stage2017-02-16

By Diane Baker

The National Theater and Concert Hall (NTCH) is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year — and to commemorate the occasion, it has rolled out its most extensive program for the annual Taiwan International Festival of Arts (TIFA), which will also mark the reopening of theFULL STORY

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