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Taiwan’s green shift

By Hu Mei-chih and John A. Mathews

Last week the Executive Yuan announced measures that would initiate the breakup of Taiwan Power Co’s (Taipower, 台電) monopoly in the name of enhancing the generation of green power. The government is making good on its election commitment to amend the Electricity Act (電業法) byFULL STORY

Taiwan in Time: The long road to retaliation2016-10-23

By Han Cheung

Oct.24 to Oct. 30 In August of 1911, various Aboriginal Sediq chiefs from the Wushe (霧社) area, including Mona Rudao, were taken on a one-month trip to Japan, where their colonial masters made a display of power by having them tour various major cities and militaryFULL STORY

Restaurant review: Heritage Bakery & Cafe2016-10-22

By Dana Ter

The choice of location came easy for Sally Song (宋友齡) when she opened Heritage Bakery & Cafe on Hankou Street (漢口街) in western Taipei last month. “All of my neighbors asked me, ‘but why here?’” the San Francisco native laughs. The only eatery on a street sellingFULL STORY

Star gazing2016-10-22

By Elodie CUZIN

It’s a Wednesday night and Rose’s Luxury won’t open for nearly another hour, but a line is already snaking out from under the brightly colored awning of one of Washington’s buzziest restaurants. The flock of eager diners is a testament to the capital city’s newfound foodieFULL STORY

Netflix storms Tinseltown2016-10-22

By Lucas Shaw

Tara Flynn, a rising star in show development at TV studio Fox 21, walked into her boss’s office in August to announce she was leaving for a job at Netflix. Her boss said she was under contract, and Flynn replied that she wasn’t asking permission, accordingFULL STORY

In fume-choked Kochi, a solar rickshaw glides to the rescue2016-10-22

By K Rajendran

The inventor of an innovative solar chick incubator, solar milking machine and solar-powered boat now has his newest item rolling onto the streets in this southern Indian city: A solar rickshaw taxi. Georgekutty Kariyanappally, the founder of Lifeway Solar Devices Private, so far has just oneFULL STORY

Events and entertainment listings2016-10-21

By Noah Buchan

Event Bill Sharp, a Fellow at the Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica and host of podcast Asia in Review will give a talk about his recent experiences of being behind the “bamboo curtain” in Tibet, as well as Taiwan’s military preparedness and the “turquoise factor”FULL STORY

Highlight: Taipei Art Book Fair & More2016-10-21

By Han Cheung

From April’s Singapore event to last month’s installments in Tokyo and New York, art book fairs seem to be all the rage. This weekend, Taipei will be holding its own extravaganza, which will feature more than 60 local and international exhibitors presenting books by creators,FULL STORY

Highlight: A ‘B.ooming’ dance scene2016-10-21

By Diane Baker

Choreographer Benson Tsai (蔡博丞) has been all around Europe over the past two years, showing his work at dance festivals and choreographic competitions and meeting a lot of other young dancer/choreographers from around the world. Tsai decided he wanted to share what he has seen withFULL STORY

Highlight: Regular’s night2016-10-21

By Dana Ter

The Austrian-Taipei Society will be holding their monthly Stammtisch tonight. Held the third Friday of every month at Der Lowe Bavarian restaurant, the gatherings are meant to be fun, casual and more inclusive than a stammtisch in Germany or Austria. The word “stammtisch” normally refersFULL STORY

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