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Peas please

By Ian Bartholomew

It is the season for fresh Taiwan-grown snow peas and this can only be a reason for celebration. They have just started to appear in our local street-side market, the beautifully shaped pods promising a special treat. The Taiwan strain of snow pea seems vastlyFULL STORY

Events and entertainment listings2017-01-20

By Noah Buchan

Event Taipei Story Slam is back for another evening of competitive storytelling. Held on Thursday at Taipei’s jazz club Sappho Live, a jazz club, story tellers are given seven minutes to tell a true, personal story fitting a pre-assigned theme that will be judged by peopleFULL STORY

Highlight:Taipei Game Show2017-01-20

By Han Cheung

This year’s Taipei Game Show will focus on the latest virtual reality experiences — but one vendor is going old school. The team behind Pili Heroes (霹靂英雄), a popular smartphone game featuring traditional puppets, will be physically confining visitors in an ancient tomb where theyFULL STORY

Highlight: Sandiaoling Waterfall Hike2017-01-20

By Dana Ter

If you find yourself trapped in Taiwan over the Lunar New Year with nothing fun to do, Taiwan Adventure Outings is hosting a waterfall hike next weekend. Admission is free and the group will be meeting at the main entrance hall of Taipei Main Station,FULL STORY

Art exhibition listings2017-01-20

By Dana Ter

Two concurrent exhibitions are being held at the Barry Room in Taipei Artist Village. Elevated; Elevating (主動與被動地) by Yoroe Lin (林猷柔) explores the concept of luxury through a series of installations with chandeliers. She places them in various settings, from posh to ramshackle and evenFULL STORY

Movie review: Hanky Panky2017-01-19

By Han Cheung

If sappiness, melodramatics and exaggerated antics are staple features of Taiwanese commercial cinema, then 70-year-old Chu Ko Liang (豬哥亮) is its granddaddy. It seems just yesterday that Liang reemerged after keeping a low profile for more than a decade, but Hanky Panky (大釣哥) marks hisFULL STORY

Theater review: The LAB Space’s ‘I, Claudia’ provides humor and pathos2017-01-19

By Jerome Keating

Lab Space kicks of this season with an engaging Theater Ignite production of Kristen Thomson’s challenging I, Claudia. This one actor tour-de-force will leave you laughing sympathetically for the lost dreams of each character. Derek Kwan (關顯揚) stars as the one who must pull offFULL STORY

In LGBT ‘paradise,’ Thai transgender activist breaks barriers to education2017-01-19

By Alisa Tang

Thai transgender activist Nada Chaiyajit completed her undergraduate studies in August, and two months later, school officials told her 12 classmates — all men — that their graduation certificates were ready. But her college, the University of Phayao in northern Thailand, would not issue her documentsFULL STORY

BOOK REVIEW: The bigger picture2017-01-19

By Bradley Winterton

When US president-elect Donald Trump accepted a phone call from President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文), one of the Taiwan experts the New York Times contacted for comment was Shelley Rigger, a professor of East Asian politics at Davidson College in North Carolina. The author of severalFULL STORY

Cultivating Taiwan’s artisanal teas2017-01-18

By Dana Ter

A 20-minute drive from Taipei’s Muzha MRT station (木柵) into the mountains, Chang Fu-chin’s (張福欽) tea farm looks nothing like the vast and manicured plantations in Nantou (南投) or Alishan (阿里山) — Taiwan’s “Tea Country.” Lesser-known to some, the low-lying Wenshan District (文山) is steeped inFULL STORY

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