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Jet-setting pets get a new place to be pampered

By Jane Levere

Airports have long been known for offering high-end services to their human passengers — for a price. Now, at New York’s Kennedy International Airport, the same can be said for animals. Dogs, cats, horses, birds, fish and even sloths will be able to have their ownFULL STORY

‘Wrong number relationships’

By Ellen Barry

In a glass-sided call center, police constables clicketyclack on computer keyboards, on the trail of a particularly Indian sort of criminal. The “phone Romeo,” as he is known here, calls numbers at random until he hears a woman’s voice, in the hope of striking up aFULL STORY

Taiwan in Time: The former oldest human in Taiwan2017-03-26

By Han Cheung

March 27 to April 2 Zuojhen Man (左鎮人) stood high atop its perch as the oldest human found in Taiwan for 40 years. Initially deemed to have lived between 20,000 and 30,000 years ago, its prestige came crashing down in late 2015 when a team ledFULL STORY

Restaurant: Fresh Station 逸鮮棧2017-03-25

By Dana Ter

On Zhongxiao (忠孝) East Road in downtown Taipei, a narrow, gray-walled hall in a restaurant leads to a private room, mimicking the discreet alleys found around small, centuries-old kaiseki restaurants in Kyoto, Japan. Inside is a small kitchen where Lin Hui-yang (林暉洋) is slicing rawFULL STORY

Events and entertainment listings2017-03-24

By Noah Buchan

THEATER Ju Percussion Group, the nation’s most revered percussion troupe, will hold a one-off performance tonight at Taipei’s National Concert Hall. For this concert, the troupe has commissioned some of Taiwan’s top composers to write works tailored to the drum troupe. The concert also features twoFULL STORY

Highlight: Acid Lab One Year Anniversary Bash2017-03-24

By Han Cheung

A.C.I.D. Lab (岸汐職人聚落), a handcraft collective that features shoemaking, leatherwork, silversmithing and clothesmaking professionals, is celebrating its one-year anniversary this weekend with a free party. Everything is live at this birthday bash, which begins in the afternoon with live music and live art — includingFULL STORY

Highlight: Calla Lily Festival2017-03-24

By Dana Ter

While cherry blossom season has ended, calla lily season is picking up and today marks the beginning of the annual Calla Lily Festival by Bamboo Lake (竹子湖) in Yangmingshan National Park. In addition to the white calla lilies, visitors will also be able to viewFULL STORY

Art exhibition listings2017-03-24

By Dana Ter

Currently showing at Mind Set Art Center is For Tomorrow You Will Not Recognize Us (明日新貌), a solo exhibition by Filipino artist Victor Balanon who is known for his black-and-white paintings influenced by cubism. Here he paints a series of black-and-white portraits of famous avant-gardeFULL STORY

Coming into focus2017-03-24

By Diane Baker

Focus Dance Company (焦點舞團), the student-run company of Taipei National University of the Arts’ (TNUA, 國立臺北藝術大學), launches its “Grassroots” (草根限定) program at its Guandu (關渡) campus home tonight. There will be four performances at the school this weekend, and while tomorrow’s night’s show sold out earlierFULL STORY

No trash allowed in these waves2017-03-23

By Dana Ter

Those who have been to Waiao Beach (外澳) in Yilan might have heard of Candy Lin (林靜如), or “Queen Candy” as she is known among the local surf community. Dressed in a sundress, or overalls, she’s usually putting up trash cans along the beach, cleaningFULL STORY

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