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Taiwan should be represented in the UN: Expert

By Chris Fuchs

A leading US specialist on Chinese law and government said last week that Taiwan should have representation in the UN. The remark by Jerome Cohen, who taught former president Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) at Harvard Law School, came just minutes into his talk last Monday atFULL STORY

Crossing the line2017-09-25

By Elizabeth Law

Singapore cartoonist Sonny Liew (劉敬賢) swept the comic industry’s “Oscars” and is a hit at home, but the city-state has struggled with how to respond to his surprise best seller, which challenges its own carefully scripted version of history. With a cast of aliens and robotsFULL STORY

Justice league of Pakistan2017-09-25

By Farooq Naeem

Pakistan’s newest female superhero has vowed to battle venal officials and protect battered women, as her creator tries to inspire the next generation to fight injustice in a deeply patriarchal society. The new Pakistan Girl comic series is based on Sarah, a normal teenager with aFULL STORY

Taiwan in Time: Nine years lost to ‘Popeye’2017-09-24

By Han Cheung

Sept. 25 to Oct. 1 Bo Yang (柏楊) languished on Green Island even though he had completed his sentence. He was treated well, given a nominal position with freedom to move around the prisoner camp, but the officers had strict ordersFULL STORY

Burned-out French chef gives back Michelin stars2017-09-23

By Pascal Pavani

A chef in southern France with three Michelin stars says he wants to be stripped of the distinction because of the “huge pressure” to dish up flawless fare each day. Sebastien Bras’s Le Suquet restaurant in the village of Laguiole joined the elite club of FrenchFULL STORY

Restaurant review: Saathiya Indian Cuisine (莎堤亞印度料理)2017-09-23

By Liam Gibson

Indian cuisine has struggled to find it’s place in Taiwan’s international food scene. Not rare enough to be cast among the “exotic” types that have but a handful of representative restaurants in Taipei (think Peruvian, Russian or even Turkish), nor popular enough to join theFULL STORY

Off the Beaten Track: Dongyin Island: The Northern Frontier2017-09-22

By Richard Saunders

There’s a curious consensus among many lovers of the Matsu islands that Dongyin (東引) is the most beautiful. With it’s easternmost peninsula, the famous Lienyu Yikeng Cliff (烈女義坑, also known as Suicide Cliff), stunningly situated lighthouse and extraordinary Yisiantian (一線天, also known as Thread ofFULL STORY

Art exhibition listings2017-09-22

By Jason Chung Tang Yen

Round Table Discussions: Concepts in International Waters and Imagining Foreign Lands (圓桌會議—異域的想像和觀念的公海) provides an overview of the contemporary Chinese art scene. Beijing-based Zhao Zhao (趙趙) is showing a video and photography work, Project Taklamakan (2016), which shows the process of rolling out 200km of wireFULL STORY

Finding life in death2017-09-22

By Diane Baker

Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA, 國立台北藝術大學) alumni and a current student are presenting works in Taipei this weekend, highlighting the dominant role of the school’s in the nation’s performing arts scene. Hsu Chen-wei’s (許程崴) two-year-old eponymous troupe, the Hsu Chen Wei Dance Company (許程崴製作舞團),FULL STORY

East meets West meets pop2017-09-22

By Han Cheung

Don’t be surprised if the musicians run into the audience at MK Oriental’s (東方猴) concert at the National Taichung Theater tomorrow. Playing a fusion of Western classical, traditional Chinese and pop, the band’s music is best suited for proper concert halls, but Wang wants to livenFULL STORY

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