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They will be back

By Jake Coyle

“I’ll be back,” the line Arnold Schwarzenegger first uttered more than 30 years ago in that indelible manly monotone, belongs to the Terminator, of course. But it also might as well be the official slogan of the summer movie season. It’s the time of year whenFULL STORY

Hollywood of the Sahara

By Paul Schemm

“QUIET!” The cry rings out in English, French and Arabic across the cobblestoned streets of Jerusalem, as filming begins for a scene in the series AD The Bible Continues. But while the arched doorways, balconies and furnishings all say Roman-era Israel, the real-life setting is southernFULL STORY

Taipei Watcher: Hawking a 7-Eleven education2015-04-26

By Eddy Chang

If you were a university professor, what would you do if your students kept playing with their smartphones or tablets in class? Assistant professor Lin Wan-hua (林婉華) banned their use. And guess what? She was almost fired by Da-Yeh University (大葉大學) in Changhua County, whereFULL STORY

Restaurant review: Whinos, too2015-04-25

By Ho Yi

As the name suggests, Whinos, too is the sequel to a culinary hit. A spin-off of the popular bistro Whinos Bar & Kitchen, Whinos, too boasts exuberant food and wine, and a space that is felicitously ample, incorporating a cozy, hip design. My dinning companionsFULL STORY

Swiss hotel schools eye another century as ‘world best’2015-04-25

By Nina Larson

It feels like a luxury restaurant, with starched-uniformed waiters pouring pricy wine and explaining the intricate details of a gourmet menu as diners gaze out at a spectacular mountain view. But all the servers, the impeccably dressed guests and even the kitchen staff sending out elaboratelyFULL STORY

Easter in Hsinchu2015-04-24

By Dana Ter

Let’s just admit it. It’s spring, so that means it’s the time of the year when we organize Easter egg hunts for our children — though the main motivation is that we want to bake and indulge in as many cupcakes and goodies as weFULL STORY

Movie review: Sashimi2015-04-24

By Ho Yi

A Japanese porn star, sushi and a gay man known for his mastery of fellatio are the elements that promise an evocative film about food and sex. But director Pan Chih-yuan (潘志遠) quickly exposes his filmmaking incompetence in Sashimi (沙西米) and kills the story. AlsoFULL STORY

Live Wire: Pop goes metal2015-04-24

By Joe Henley

Feb. 1, 1994, the day punk rock officially went pop. Green Day’s third studio album, Dookie, was released and appropriately shot to number two on the Billboard 200 on the way to selling 20 million copies globally. Alternative culture had officially been for sale forFULL STORY

Events and entertainment listings2015-04-24

By Ho Yi

Contemporary Legacy Taipei hosts top Taiwanese pop performers and international acts. It is the release party of post-rock/emo band Orangegrass’ (橙草) latest album tonight. Veteran alt-rockers Backquarter (四分衛) take the stage tomorrow, while PUMPKINney Fan Club (南瓜妮歌迷俱樂部) mixes Brit rock, psychedelic and electronic sounds on Sunday. ■FULL STORY

Art exhibition listings2015-04-24

By Dana Ter /

Young Art Taipei (台北國際當代藝術博覽會) is back this weekend, for the seventh year in a row, showcasing art from emerging artists under the age of 45. Held at the Sheraton Grande Hotel, participating galleries from Taipei include Aki Gallery, ArtDoor Gallery, Bluerider Art and Chini Gallery.FULL STORY

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