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EDITORIAL: Taiwan’s looming shipping problems

Taiwan appears to have a ship problem — not one like the Ching Fu Shipbuilding Co scandal, but one that poses substantial risks to the nation’s economy and its relations with the global community. The problem — as highlighted by two recent reports — is two-prongedFULL STORY

Making Taichung green and clean

By Honda Chen 陳鴻達

On Feb. 10 the Taichung City Government marked the completion of renovations to the historic Green River (綠川) that flows through downtown Taichung. The efforts were met with approval from city residents, but most of the applause was for the landscaping. Even more impressive wasFULL STORY

China following West’s example

By Strobe Driver

Having been in Taiwan for approximately one month, I have watched the constant commentary regarding the Taiwan-China crisis. To state that it is an everyday event is not an exaggeration and to state that it gets little mention in my home country (Australia), beyond howFULL STORY

Make the economy a priority this year

By Chang Ruay-shiung 張瑞雄

President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) and Premier William Lai (賴清德) could be doing better in the opinion polls. Now that the Lunar New Year holiday is over, the public expects the two leaders to turn their attention to the nation’s future trajectory. Hopefully, their efforts willFULL STORY

Vladimir Putin’s quest
for lost glory

By Shaun Walker

Working on one of my final stories as the Guardian and Observer’s Moscow correspondent, I took my seat at the Bolshoi Theatre one evening last December for the premiere of Nureyev. The ballet told the story of superstar dancer Rudolf Nureyev, who defected from theFULL STORY

EDITORIAL: A besieged foreign minister2018-02-23

Foreign affairs has always been one of Taiwan’s weakest links. It is particularly so at a time when China’s growing economic might has made it almost effortless for Beijing to sway countries — big or small, wealthy or poor — against Taiwan, which is stillFULL STORY

Reinforced buildings still not safe2018-02-23

By William Hu 胡偉良

The Marshal Hotel (統帥飯店), among others, partially collapsed when a magnitude 6.0 earthquake hit Hualien County on Feb. 6. It was pointed out by a number of local residents that the hotel had been structurally reinforced some time ago, with steel girders used to bolsterFULL STORY

Improving Taiwan-India relations2018-02-23

By Sumit Kumar

The relationship between India and Taiwan has improved significantly in recent times, with the two nations expanding cooperation in various fields, including defense, trade and commerce. While the relationship can be traced to before India’s independence, bilateral ties between the two nations ceased to exist inFULL STORY

Earthquake laws are not enough for victims2018-02-23

By Wu Ching-chin 吳景欽

When a powerful earthquake struck Hualien on Feb. 6, the most seriously damaged building was the Yun Men Tsui Ti (雲門翠堤) building. People naturally had questions about its structural integrity. However, the existing legal framework makes it extremely difficult to determine legal — and especiallyFULL STORY

Lying to investigators
should not be a crime

By Stephen Carter

Former US federal prosecutor Ken White has created a stir with an argument at Reason.com that neither US President Donald Trump nor anyone else should voluntarily meet with investigators. By anyone else, White does not simply mean other people facing scrutiny in special counsel RobertFULL STORY

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