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EDITORIAL: Adjusting to an industrial revolution

Artificial intelligence (AI)-driven automation is increasingly going to mean that computers, machines and smarter algorithms replace jobs. While this is certainly not only relevant to Taiwan, it will have specific impacts because of the nation’s export-driven economy and industrial models. As machines take over certain jobs, humansFULL STORY

Taiwan should be wary of the SCO

By Kuo Wu-ping 郭武平

The 18th Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit took place in Qingdao in China’s Shandong Province on June 9 and June 10. It was the organization’s first summit after its expansion and China’s second major diplomatic event this year, following the annual Boao Forum for Asia inFULL STORY

Taiwan’s vital role in S China Sea

By Chang Yan-ting 張延廷

The South China Sea is an important international sea lane. China is bolstering the military equipment it has installed on islands and reefs in the region, and has even installed surface-to-air and anti-ship missiles on some reefs and shoals. China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is slowly,FULL STORY

Taiwan has to assert its sovereignty to the world

By James Wang王景弘

The Chinese dictatorship on the other side of the Taiwan Strait is fond of claiming that Taiwan is “part of China.” Beijing has also been busy poaching Taiwan’s diplomatic allies and demanding that the world’s airlines change Taiwan’s name to Taiwan (China). It is essential that theFULL STORY

Why Dutch teenagers are among the happiest in the world

By Senay Boztas

In a biology class at a secondary school near Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Gerrit the skeleton is not the only one with a permanent grin. The Groen van Prinstererlyceum, which first trialed happiness lessons a decade ago, teaches some of the least troubled teens in theFULL STORY

Using economics and technology to promote human well-being

By Jeffrey Sachs

The climate crisis we now face is a reflection of a broader crisis: A global confusion of means and ends. We continue to use fossil fuels because we can (means), not because they are good for us (ends). This confusion is why Pope Francis and EcumenicalFULL STORY

EDITORIAL: Threats do not change the facts2018-06-20

The reverberations of China’s requests to 44 airlines that they change how they refer to Taiwan have continued to manifest themselves, as Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways on Monday submitted to China’s wish and changed their online listings for Taiwan to “Taiwan, China.” However, thereFULL STORY

The real ‘best friend of the court’2018-06-20

By Lin Yi-ping 林宜平 Chen Hsin-hsing 陳信行 Paul Jobin 彭保羅

After many years of class-action suits and victories at the Taipei District Court and Taiwan High Court, the injured former workers of Radio Corp of America (RCA) Taiwan are on Thursday to attend a definitive hearing at the Supreme Court. On the eve of the trial,FULL STORY

White Wolf incident needs firm response2018-06-20

By Huang Di-ying 黃帝穎

National Taipei University of Education Experimental Elementary School caused an uproar after it invited China Unification Promotion Party founder Chang An-le (張安樂), known as the “White Wolf,” onto the stage at its graduation ceremony on Friday last week to bestow the Mayor’s Award. The school thatFULL STORY

[ LETTER ]2018-06-20

A novel protest idea China wants the airlines of other countries to change the national title of Taiwan because China thinks that Taiwan is part of China. Of course Taiwan is not a part of China, just as all other countries are not part of China. US PresidentFULL STORY

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