Tue, Mar 04, 2014 - Page 8

No justice for 228

There is no question that the 228 Massacre was a war crime facing no statute of limitations.

I have no idea how many war crimes around the world are still pending trial, or which have been pending more than 67 years, like the 228 Massacre.

The most ridiculous part of this tragedy is that it still has live actors on the stage. The murderers, the victims and their families, their fellow countrymen, ie, the Taiwanese, the legal principal occupying force, or say the winner of the Pacific War, the US, and the UN still exist. We are not talking about the Mongol invasion of Europe in the 13th century.

More than 20,000 people were killed and more than 1 million became political prisoners. Taiwanese were exploited and enslaved by the Chinese murderers for nearly half a century and Taiwanese enslavement by this group continues.

However, not a single Chinese murderer is being investigated over the 228 Massacre. Instead, the suspected ringleader is worshiped in a gorgeous shine and respected by the terrorist, armed regime as the guardian deity of the Republic of China in exile.

The only right way is for the unlawful, invading regime to be terminated and for the land of Taiwan and the reins of government to be restored to Taiwanese. Mainlanders occupy more than 95 percent of the leadership positions in Taiwan, in the military, policymaking, civil service, education and state industry. That is slavery.

Chen Cheng-Kuang

San Jose, California