Fri, Jun 21, 2013 - Page 8

Warning to local voters

Billy Fan was right on target (Letters, June 18, page 8). We gave up liberties in pursuit of security and now we have neither. Even though the approval ratings of both our House of Representatives and Senate are at all-time lows, we continually return them to Washington to “do nothing” in our name.

Many American voters have become complacent in our approach to selecting those who will represent us in our most valued institution... our democracy.

It seems as though, with a 24-hour news cycle, our politicians are more concerned with providing “sugar coated sound bytes” [sic] rather than substantive legislation.

They worry more about their re-election money than giving service to constituents.

Yes, I am frustrated with what has become of our democracy. And it is a warning, a caution to the voters of Taiwan. Choose wisely and carefully. Hold them accountable! If they cannot or will not do the job... return them to the “onion patch.”

My wife, who is Taiwanese American (holding dual citizenship), takes her voting rights VERY seriously.

We return to Taiwan every year and she ALWAYS ensures she is here on National Election Day. Always. She is very proud to say “I am Taiwanese by birth and American by marriage.”

Tom Kuleck

Greater Taichung