Sun, Nov 25, 2012 - Page 8

Less consenus, more respect

I am getting sick and tired of talk about this consensus and that consensus.

The fact of the matter is that Taiwan is a beautiful island, always has been.

Peace-loving people lived here then, people who still live here now.

Taiwan has been occupied by Spain, the Netherlands, China and Japan.

Before the Dutch came here, Taiwan (Formosa) never belonged to China.

If there are any claims, each of these countries have as many rights as the others and there are no exclusive rights for China.

Since the end of the Second World War, Taiwan has basically been a sovereign, independent country with its own Constitution, own currency, own army, airforce and navy, own government and its own passports.

So what is the problem?

What will actually change if Taiwan is recognized as an independent country like so many other islands in the Pacific?

It is only this stupid, outdated, unrealistic idea of the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) that stops Taiwan from being what it wants to be.

Taiwanese should stand together on this, be proud to be Taiwanese and still love China and our Chinese heritage, but also love the groups of people who originally lived here and the other foreigners that have settled in Taiwan.

On our export products, out of necessity we write M.I.T (Made in Taiwan) on the cartons. Why?

Should we not write M.I.C.T (Made in Chinese Taipei)?

Can nobody see how stupid this situation is?

It was very good to see this muddy running woman with the Taiwanese flag painted on her body with the words “I love Taiwan,” (“Student displays Taiwan’s colors at US marathon,” Nov. 20, page 4).

I also love Taiwan.

Why do we not just stop talking about consensuses and start talking about “one China” and “one Taiwan”?

Let us start talking about one having nothing to do with the other, except for treating each other like any other sovereign country, with respect and dignity.

Gerry Floor

Greater Taichung