Fri, Nov 23, 2012 - Page 8

Taiwan: A nation of diplomats

I was deeply touched after reading the Taipei Times article regarding a Taiwanese promoting the Republic of China (ROC) flag (“Student displays Taiwan’s colors at US marathon,” Nov. 20, page 4).

Let us review how many stories regarding the ROC flag have been reported by the Taipei Times:

First, there was an article introducing a student named Wu Chien-heng (吳建衡), who dressed up as the Taoist folk deity the Third Prince, to dance on a worldwide tour promoting Taiwan to foreigners (“Student dances to promote Taiwan,” May 19, page 2).

Second, on June 30, the paper introduced two persons named Lai Chang-hsin and Chen Chu-cheng who carried the ROC flag across 7,000km of US soil on a three-month cycling trip (“Patriotic cyclists fly Taiwan flag across the US,” June 30, page 17).

Last, in 2007, the paper introduced runner Kevin Lin (林義傑), who carried the national flag on his back while running for 111 consecutive days crossing six countries, beginning with Senegal and followed by Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Libya and Egypt (“Runner finishes 111 day Sahara Desert adventure,” Feb. 22, 2007, page 2).

Have you ever thought about doing the same thing they did?

I would if I had a chance.

During this era I feel that if Taiwanese have a chance to promote their nation, then no one should let the chance slip through their fingers.

The ROC flag is a symbol to connect Taiwanese around the world. We are not all diplomats but we can do their job in our own ways.

The next time any Taiwanese has a chance to attend an international occasion, they should remember to be a temporary diplomat and do a diplomatic job for Taiwan.

Formosa, Taiwan, this beautiful country must be known and respected around the world through the efforts of every Taiwanese.

Chang Shin-ping

New Taipei City