Tue, Oct 30, 2012 - Page 8

We are family

We military personnel in Taiwan have been suffering from the recent controversies over pension programs for public servants, including teachers and military personnel, for more than a week. Do politicians need to use class-conflict to solve the economic downturn?

We are not the main reasons causing the economic depression and we understand that workers are finding it difficult to make a living now because some of those workers are also members of our families. When the premier announced he was slashing the budget for year-end bonuses for public servants, for equality, for the financial deficit and for people’s feelings we remained silent because we obey orders to protect people and love people.

However, our peaceful society is being damaged by attacks on public servants with malicious words. We need a place to voice our story.

Don’t you remember we were there to fight against the People’s Liberation Army in Kinmen in 1958? Don’t you remember we were there when Taiwan’s economy was booming during 1981 to 1991? You made much money during that golden age, but we got the same salary. Don’t you remember we were there with you during 921 earthquake in Taiwan? Don’t you remember we were there with you during Typhoon Morakot?

No matter what reasons we have to be military personnel, we obey orders to protect our country, our people. Nowadays, our country is troubled by economic downturn, but we are still there with you.

This conflict between workers and public servants is not the win-win policy to benefit Taiwan’s future. We want everyone in Taiwan to respect each other. All pension programs for public servants and budgets for public pension funds need to be reviewed at this difficult time.

Our enterprises in Taiwan, more importantly, are also responsible for considering raising monthly salaries for workers. The more people are working hard, the more benefit companies will get.

If change and revolution are the way forward, we are still there with you supporting our country to be stronger, be stable and be richer.

Finally, please be nice and respectful to old soldiers, NCOs and officers because they were fighting for our people.

Chang shin ping

New Taipei City