Fri, Mar 30, 2012 - Page 8

Release Chen Shui-bian

After reading Lee Hsiao-feng’s (李筱峰) column “Call on Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) to use his re-election to pardon Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁),” (Liberty Times, March 11) my heart is so painful.

I have encouraged Reverend Kao Chun-ming (高俊明) to work on ways to get Chen released from prison.

Kao was scheduled to visit Chen, but he did not get approval from the authorities. This indicates that Ma’s heart is very cold and that he wants Chen to die an ugly death.

Chen used to be a noble president, but now he is gravely ill in prison and cannot be released for medical treatment.

This treatment is very cruel. It has been shown on TV that Taiwanese are concerned about Chen.

From the standpoint of protecting human rights we are calling on the Ma administration to release Chen as soon as possible to let him seek proper medical treatment and to recuperate.

Otherwise, the government’s claim that it complies with the UN’s covenants on human rights is meaningless.

I would also like to request that former president Lee Teng-hui (李登輝), as a Christian, speak out for Chen based on his Christian love.

Since Lee promoted Ma to a senior post in the past, Lee should let us know if he agrees with Ma in this case.

Chen’s treatment by the Ma administration is like cutting Taiwanese into pieces. This is not just my personal feeling — more than 46 percent of Taiwanese feel the same way.

I am a powerless 90-year-old housewife and as for releasing Chen, I can only pray to the one true God that I believe in, who created the universe.

I am praying that Jesus Christ will save Chen according to God’s will and that he will pass final judgement on those unjust cruel men. In the same manner, I would also like to appeal to all Taiwanese.

Do not be complacent with talk of the “status quo” — this will result in confusion and paralysis.

You can understand this administration from recent controversial issues such as importing beef with beta-agonist feed additives, covering up the outbreak of avian influenza and raising the price of electricity, gas and oil straight after the election. This administration does not want to treat Taiwanese sincerely.

After reading the article “What you do not know about the Taiwan Relations Act?” in the Tai-Sheng Report (台生報), I understand that the Republic of China (ROC) was repealed by the act. The act, an extension of the San Francisco Peace Treaty, has always existed and acted as a guideline for the relationship between the US and Taiwan. It states very clearly that Taiwanese and the alien authority — the ROC — are different entities.

In accordance with the act, Ma of that non-state, the ROC, has no authority to administer Taiwanese and he has no authority to put Chen in prison.

Politics works on reality. Putting Chen in prison is a political issue. I hope that experts in international law will advise Taiwanese how to resolve this issue.

Yang Liu-hsiuhua