Johnny Neihu's Mailbag

Sat, Feb 14, 2009 - Page 8

Does anyone get the DPP?

Dear Johnny,

Who can we turn to but you?

Having watched the usual TVBS dogs hounding the daughter of the Chens in the streets of New York, provoking her to anger and then standing laughing at her like the dorks they are, I was just wondering: Why weren’t there any true green Democratic Progressive Party [DPP] supporters running “protection” for her?

Finally, a couple of old ladies showed up with an old man and an umbrella, but where was the DPP support? Leaving the girl to walk the streets of New York alone followed by a pack of grinning hyenas ... hey, is anyone getting this?

Also, another point: After 50 years of KMT rule it is unbelievable that the DPP can’t come up with any “pocketing of funds” among its foes — be the funds political contributions or not — to throw around.

Again, where is the DPP? Where’s the DPP’s Chiu Yi (邱毅)? I’m no doctor but it seems like the DPP is having a problem right now with “erectile dysfunction.”



Johnny replies: You know, Micky, there was a time when you could be killed in New York just for walking in the wrong neighborhood. These days the biggest danger for a Taiwanese visitor is ambush film crews.

Your questions are excellent, and go to the heart of why many Taiwanese are incapable of standing up for themselves or what they believe in. That said, Chen Hsing-yu (陳幸妤) is perfectly capable of organizing her own security. Why she continues to allow herself to end up in such positions is beyond my comprehension.

The gullible Taiwanese

Dear Johnny,

I am wondering if you could share with us your insights on the following matters.

First, what do you think of Diane Lee (李慶安)? Do you think that the public will eventually get their money back from her? US$3 million can buy a lot of lunches for schoolkids, you know!

Secondly, why is it that there are so many gullible Taiwanese who want to believe anything that the KMT tells them? In the past, the KMT told us that our economy was terrible and that it was A-bian’s (陳水扁) fault even though our GDP and the unemployment rate were okay. Nowadays, the KMT says that it’s not their fault that hundreds of thousands of people are losing their livelihoods — because it all comes down to a disastrous global economy.

Or else they say that everything in our lives that has gone wrong is down to A-bian. There are a lot of Taiwanese who believe every piece of BS that they come up with. Why?


Johnny replies: Diane Lee is the most inspiring immigrant that my beloved homeland has ever hosted. And no, we won’t see any of the money.

Finally, why not ask those gullible Taiwanese for yourself? Don’t forget your baseball bat.

I would suggest that the rewards of steady income, job advancement and sheer comfort make BS taste a little less nasty.