Letter: Scholars misguided

By Ken Huang  / 

Mon, Jul 24, 2006 - Page 8

After the 2004 presidential election, the mission of the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) and People First Party (PFP) was crystal clear: to retake power.

Their strategies were obvious: to create social unrest by protesting repeatedly on the streets and on the legislative floor, to confuse the public by spreading unconfirmed rumors through the media on matters related to the administration of President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁), and to undermine the confidence of the Taiwanese people.

The pan-blue strategy has worked, and a great number of Taiwanese people have lost their confidence in the nation. Indeed, it could be said that the KMT and PFP are halfway to fulfilling their mission.

The recent call for Chen's resignation by pro-green academics is a stark reminder of just how far the pan-blues have come.

Why are the pan-green academics doing this?

It could be the Stockholm Syndrome effect.

After being governed by outsiders for more than 100 years -- 55 years by the Japanese and 50 years by the Chinese -- Taiwanese people still do not know how to deal with the freedom and democracy that they have fought so hard for.

It is extremely disappointing that the cream of Taiwanese society should fall for this.

Ken Huang

Murrieta, California