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What you need to know about Andrew and Epstein

Queen Elizabeth II’s son faces being subpoenaed if he sets foot in the US again. Here are answers to some of the key questions about the allegations against Prince Andrew

By Lucy Osborne  /  The Guardian

In the 2015 e-mails, unearthed in a BBC Panorama investigation, the prince wrote: “Let me know when we can talk. Got some specific questions to ask you about Virginia Roberts.”

“Have some info. Call me when you have a moment,” Maxwell replied.

Is it possible Andrew did not meet accuser Roberts Giuffre, as he claims?

Andrew has said he has “no recollection” of meeting Roberts Giuffre, despite being pictured with his arm around her in a now notorious photograph said to have been taken by Epstein.

Two men who said they saw the original picture have said it is genuine, but friends of Andrew told the London Evening Standard they thought it was fake, claiming Andrew’s fingers are “much chubbier” in real life.

In an interview with Panorama, Roberts Giuffre insisted that the photo was real, saying she gave the original to the FBI in 2001 and adding: “There’s a date on the back of it from when it was printed.”

How many times does Roberts Giuffre allege she and Andrew had sex?

Three times.

What is Andrew’s response to the first alleged incident with Roberts Giuffre, in London on March 10, 2001?

Roberts Giuffre said that she was first trafficked by Epstein to have sex with the prince in Maxwell’s London home after dancing with him at Tramp nightclub.

Andrew told Newsnight that he was not at Tramp, but at a children’s birthday party at a Pizza Express restaurant.

He has “categorically” denied ever having sex with Roberts Giuffre.

Earlier this week, a woman came forward, saying she saw the prince and Roberts Giuffre “feet away” from each other on the dancefloor at the club.

The prince told Newsnight that “it’s very difficult to forget” having sex with someone, because it’s a “positive act for a man.”

What about the second alleged incident?

Roberts Giuffre alleged that she had sex with Andrew a second time at Epstein’s New York mansion, while she was Epstein’s “sex slave.”

Andrew has said that this cannot be true because he was busy on official duties.

However, a former aide told the Telegraph that Andrew had “ gaps” in his diary, and was allegedly unaccompanied for several hours in New York at a time when Roberts Giuffre was in the US and said they had sex.

“I was very surprised to see him again. Epstein and Maxwell were making lewd jokes about ‘Randy Andy.’ I had sex with Andy there. I was only paid US$400 from Epstein for servicing Andy that time,” she said.

What about the third alleged incident on Epstein’s Island, Little St James?

In evidence to a Florida court in 2015, Roberts Giuffre wrote: “The third time I had sex with Andy was in an orgy on Epstein’s private island in the US Virgin Islands.”

“I was around 18 at the time. Epstein, Andy, approximately eight other young girls and I had sex together. The other girls all seemed and appeared to be under the age of 18 and didn’t really speak English,” she added.

Roberts Giuffre’s allegations were struck from the US court record in 2015.

Andrew has denied all the allegations.

Are there other allegations?

Johanna Sjoberg has said that Andrew fondled her breast at Epstein’s New York home on the same night as Roberts Giuffre’s second allegation, when she was 21.

The prince has denied any sexual contact with Sjoberg.

In a defamation suit filed against Maxwell by Roberts Giuffre in 2015, Sjoberg said that she, Roberts Giuffre and another female were invited to sit on Andrew’s lap to pose for a photo with him and his Spitting Image puppet.

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