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Regulations needed on e-cigarettes

By Wen Chi-pang 溫啟邦

Even more serious is that there have already been five fatal cases involving people aged 17 to 35. Previously perfectly healthy people, after contracting pneumonia as a result of using e-cigarettes, have had to be hospitalized, with the more serious cases resulting in death.

The health risks posed by conventional cigarettes were only established following decades of research, as the problems they cause are mostly chronic diseases such as lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic emphysema and heart disease, as well as strokes.

It is still too early to determine whether e-cigarettes constitute a risk of chronic disease, but it seems that there have already been many cases of acute pneumonia caused by damage to the lungs.

E-cigarettes look cool, but image-conscious young people have been inhaling large amounts of the vapor these products emit, and it is a matter of considerable concern that this might, in the long term, contribute to many of them developing chronic diseases.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare should amend regulations and prohibit the use of e-cigarettes before they become more widely used in Taiwan, so that cigarette companies do not have the chance to start flooding the market with these products.

Wen Chi-pang is an honorary research fellow at the National Health Research Institutes.

Translated by Paul Cooper

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