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Chinese students protest overseas

By Yu jie 余杰

The state-run Global Times newspaper’s editor-in-chief, Hu Xijin (胡錫進), retweeted the video clip with the vulgar reference to the student’s mother’s genitals and left a “neutral” comment: “[T]he event is said to have happened at the University of South Australia; while Hong Kong independence advocates were shouting ‘Hong Kong, stay strong,’ the mainland students retorted by cursing their mothers. I am speechless.”

Is Hu envious of these young people who can cuss at people at will thanks to the freedom of expression they enjoy in the West, while he, working at a Chinese Communist Party-run newspaper, must be “moderate and gentle”?

In the open and allowed comments on Sina Weibo, many posters commended these “patriots.”

For example, one person said: “That’s the most harmonious, most pleasing swearword there is!” while another said: “I have never seen anyone embrace patriotism like that, especially after the 1990s and the 2000s. This is a true model of patriot education.”

It is like the Boxers of the Boxer Rebellion revived, but this is the only freedom of expression these petty and low Internet users will ever enjoy. Many of them belong to China’s “low-end population,” but like to think of themselves and speak as if they belonged to the elite, although this is something they will never achieve. They will never be allowed to sit in one of those red Ferraris, or even touch them.

Yu Jie is an exiled Chinese dissident and writer.

Translated by Chang Ho-ming and Perry Svensson

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