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Huawei — private or state-owned?

By Florence Mo Han Aw 梁慕嫻

Huawei’s founder and president Ren Zhengfei (任正非), a member of the CCP, joined the party in 1978 and served as a party representative in the CCP’s 12th national representative meeting in 1982.

According to the CCP’s philosophy of “party leading everything,” Huawei’s ultimate head is not Ren, but Zhou. Ren is a party member and therefore has to follow the edicts of Zhou, who in turn receives his instructions from the party.

Ren also has to report to Zhou on the company’s day-to-day operations, and be on the receiving end of critiques and directives.

In accordance with the party’s constitution dictating that “the individual obeys the organization,” whatever the party committee decides, be it stealing, deception or even spying, Ren has to accept and carry out its wishes.

Huawei is not an independent, self-governing enterprise and is not, strictly speaking, a state-owned business, but a sort of “party enterprise.”

It is not a tool of the Chinese government, but is more of a tool of the CCP.

The CCP allows Huawei employees to ostensibly hold 98.9 percent of stock options to give the impression of a private enterprise, so that it can be a pawn in China’s expansionist ambitions, to pull the wool over the world’s eyes and for the world to lower its guard, so that the CCP could do as it pleases.

In China, there is no such thing as a private enterprise.

Ren has been working hard to deny the company’s relationship with the CCP.

In an interview with CBS, he said: “In the past 30 years, Huawei had never given any scrap of intelligence to the Chinese government, and it would continue never to do so.”

This is a blatant lie, the CCP has been firmly lodged within the very heart of Huawei’s operations and this marriage between the two entities is undeniable.

There are some who maintain that the US government has not shown concrete proof of Huawei’s collaboration with Chinese intelligence agencies and that it has been loosening its questioning of Huawei’s threat to national security — this is a very dangerous development.

The CCP is an entity that works against people’s core values and carries out a one-party dictatorship. It often goes back on its word and lies without blushing.

The CCP is also a secretive, tightly organized, disciplined and scheming political fortress. To know and believe that Huawei is a party enterprise is to further understand how this dangerous organization works within Huawei.

Hopefully, Western governments and its leaders would cut any ties with this most dangerous entity to protect their interests and security.

Florence Mo Han Aw is a writer based in Canada.

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