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Targeting false news reports

In the article by Lee Hsin-fang and Jonathan Chin (“Executive Yuan, Line to target false news reports,” June 4, page 3), the authors said that the Executive Yuan planned to refute false news by cooperating with Line Today, the main app about news in Taiwan.

Executive Yuan spokeswoman Kolas Yotaka also said that the government should release information with precise and understandable content to the public.

Government officials said that incorrect and inappropriate news reports would harm society.

I completely agree with her point of view on the damage of misleading media.

With the convenience of technology, people today can easily receive information about what is going on.

However, the news on social media can sometimes be misleading. For example, to gain more viewers, the content and the headline might be exaggerated and subjective. The news could be written with emotional words or include the author’s own thoughts.

Because of time pressures, the news might be published without careful revision or fact checking. Reporters could also be asked to write a piece of information related to an area that they are not familiar with.

I have also noticed that some journalists take a picture and create their story based on what they see and what they think, but most of the time, the stories are not true.

Seeing is no longer believing. People are immersing themselves in incorrect information without being aware of it.

I am glad that the government has noticed this problem and is trying to solve it. I am looking forward to this program and believe it will be a big step toward improving the quality of the media in Taiwan.

Amy Lin

New Taipei City

Cycling project is a win-win

The article about the Ministry of Transport and Communications’ four-year project to upgrade existing cycling routes and the establishment of more cyclists’ stops said that the proposal received support from the Executive Yuan and would be executed by the Institute of Transportation and Directorate-General of Highways (“MOTC to upgrade round-the-nation cycling route,” June 3, page 1). As an avid cyclist, I fully support this project.

I believe it will have a positive effect on the cycling culture and tourism industry in Taiwan. The nation has long taken pride in being a cyclist-friendly country. With quality road infrastructure, friendly people, great food and affordable accommodation, going on a round-the-nation trip on bikes has become a must-do for foreigners visiting Taiwan.

Now that the government is initiating a project to enhance cycling infrastructure, cycling in Taiwan is sure to be more popular than ever before.

With regard to the choice of counties for the pilot zone, including Nantou is a brilliant choice, as it is home to some of Taiwan’s world-class bike trails. To be specific, the bike route at Sun Moon Lake was touted by CNN as one of the best bike routes in the world, attracting foreign tourists to explore central Taiwan on their bicycles.

Thanks to the government’s support and investment, I foresee that cycling is about to become the most note-worthy tourism highlight in Taiwan.

Sophia Chan


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