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Two different worlds

China recently proposed a Taiwanese version of Hong Kong’s “one country, two systems” framework, which the government has already rebuffed.

Hong Kong Democratic Party founder Martin Lee (李柱銘) told a news conference in Taipei on Tuesday that since 2014, Beijing has been implementing the “one country, two systems” framework in a way that contradicts the original version envisioned by former Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping (鄧小平).

Only by returning to Deng’s blueprint and allowing Hong Kongers self-rule and a high degree of autonomy will Chinese President Xi Jinping (習近平) be able to prove to the world that he is a reformer rather than a dictator, Lee said.

Lee is mistaken. Even if China were to implement Deng’s original vision, Taiwanese would not be interested.

We currently have the power to vote for borough wardens all the way up to the president. Do the Chinese enjoy the same rights?

Last week, a veteran Taiwanese entertainer, still clinging on to ossified deep-blue ideology, slapped Minister of Culture Cheng Li-chiun (鄭麗君) in the face, and after the incident was still free to sound off.

Contrast this with Chinese netizen Dong Yaoqiong (董瑤瓊), who spoke out against Chinese Communist Party tyranny and splashed ink on a poster of Xi in a live-streamed video in Shanghai on July 4 last year. Soon after, Dong’s Twitter account was deleted and her whereabouts are a mystery.

Taiwan’s president can be re-elected only once and is limited to eight years in office. Last year, the Chinese National People’s Congress voted to scrap presidential term limits.

Taiwan and China are two different countries belonging to two completely different worlds. Talk of imposing “one country, two systems” on Taiwan is ridiculous.

Chang Hui-ho

New Taipei City

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