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Wu’s dismissal makes no sense

By Wei Jia-yu 魏嘉瑀

She also acted as a consultant for the establishment of Sijhou Shangshuei Rice and helped farmers market it, and initiated local eco-friendly projects, such as promoting wetlands conservation and transforming the Chengkung Hotel from a dilapidated shell to a successful bookstore specializing in subjects related to agriculture and providing young people returning to the area to take up farming with a meeting place in which to share ideas.

Finally, Wu’s book, Where is Jianghu? — An Overview of Farming in Taiwan, is a 250,000-word work covering the period from the 1950s to the early 2000s, unraveling the damage that corruption in local government wreaked on Taiwanese agriculture.

If Wu was unqualified to be general manager of the TAPM, how about the politicians with precious little administrative experience becoming the heads of local governments?

If Wu’s lack of experience had farmers throughout the nation quaking in their Wellington boots, what about former Council of Agriculture minister Lin Tsung-hsien (林聰賢), who was charged with overseeing the highest government institution concerning agriculture until he resigned over the weekend?

Wu was guilty only of being an obstacle to Ko and the DPP. One day after her dismissal, the DPP decided that it would cooperate with Ko on the Taipei City Council by-elections.

If Wu was unqualified for anything, she was not up to being a political hack: She was no good at performing for the cameras and she was not up to the rough and tumble of political games.

Now that Wu has been dismissed, people should reflect on whether Taiwan needs politicians who get things done or mendacious political hacks that know only how to manipulate politics and play power games.

Wei Jia-yu is a graduate student at National Chengchi University’s diplomacy department.

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